FACILITY: (For purposes of aquifer protection area regulations contained in RMC 4-3-050, Critical Area Regulations.) All contiguous land within an APA, structures, other appurtenances, and improvements on the land and operations therein including, but not limited to, business, government, and institutional activities where hazardous materials are stored, handled, treated, used or produced in quantities greater than the de minimus amounts specified in RMC 4-3-050C6a(ii)(1), Activities Exempt from Specified Aquifer Protection Area Requirements.

FAMILY: Any number of related individuals, or not more than four (4) unrelated individuals, living together as a single household.

FARMERS MARKET: A public market at which farmers and often other vendors sell agricultural produce, which includes the sale of flowers directly to consumers.

FAST FOOD RESTAURANT: A restaurant occupying a detached structure, identified by a name brand that offers a standard menu, typical business operation logo, advertising franchise ownership or affiliation, and a corporate architectural prototype building. Franchise fast food typically caters to a market area larger than one neighborhood and is auto oriented. It may include drive-through service. This definition excludes espresso stands.

FEASIBLE (with regard to application of the Surface Water Design Manual in RMC 4-6-030): An LID best management practice that is considered capable of implementation following consideration of the Surface Water Design Manual infeasibility criteria. Provided, an LID best management practice is not feasible if it would conflict with requirements of federal or state law, zoning district design criteria, public health and safety, transportation regulations, regulations protecting tree species, a local code or rule adopted as part of a Wellhead Protection Program established under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, or a local code or rule adopted to protect a Critical Aquifer Recharge Area established under the State Growth Management Act.

FENCE: An outdoor physical and/or visual barrier, railing, or other upright structure erected above ground and separating an area of ground. For the purpose of administering this Title, a wall shall be considered to be a fence unless the wall resists the lateral displacement of soil or other materials, in which case it shall qualify as a retaining wall.

FILL: A deposit of earth material placed by artificial means.


FIRE CHIEF: The Fire Chief or Chief Administrative Officer Of the Renton Regional Fire Authority.

FIRE DEPARTMENT: The Renton Regional Fire Authority.

FIRE FLOW: The measure of the sustained flow of available water for fire fighting at a specific building or within a specific area at twenty (20) pounds per square inch residual pressure.

FIRE MARSHAL: The City of Renton Fire Marshal or his/her designee.


FLOOD or FLOODING: A general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of normally dry land areas from:

1. The overflow of inland or tidal waters, and/or

2. The unusual and rapid accumulation of runoff of surface waters from any source.

FLOOD CONTROL: Any undertaking for the conveyance, control, and dispersal of flood waters.

FLOOD INSURANCE RATE MAP (FIRM): The official map on which the Federal Insurance Administration has delineated both the areas of special flood hazard and the risk premium zones applicable to the community.

FLOOD INSURANCE STUDY: The official report provided by the Federal Insurance Administration that includes flood profiles, the flood boundary-floodway map and the water surface elevation of the base flood.

FLOOD, ONE HUNDRED (100) YEAR: The maximum flood expected to occur during a one-hundred (100) year period.

FLOODPLAIN: The area subject to a one hundred (100) year flood.

FLOODWAY: The channel of river or other watercourse and the abutting land areas that must be reserved in order to discharge the base flood without cumulatively increasing the water surface elevation more than one foot (1').

FLOODWAY: (This definition for RMC 4-3-090, Shoreline Master Program Regulations, use only.) For purposes of determining the jurisdiction of the Shoreline Master Program in conjunction with the definition of “shoreland,” “floodway” means the area as identified in a Master Program, that either: (i) Has been established in Federal Emergency Management Agency flood insurance rate maps or floodway maps; or (ii) consists of those portions of a river valley lying streamward from the outer limits of a watercourse upon which flood waters are carried during periods of flooding that occur with reasonable regularity, although not necessarily annually, said floodway being identified, under normal condition, by changes in surface soil conditions or changes in types or quality of vegetative ground cover condition. Regardless of the method used to identify the floodway, the floodway shall not include those lands that can reasonably be expected to be protected flood waters by flood control devices maintained by or maintained under license from the federal government, the State, or a political subdivision of the State.

FLOOR AREA, GROSS: The sum of the gross horizontal areas of all floors of a building measured from the exterior face of each wall.

FLOOR AREA, NET: The total of all floor area of a building, excluding stairwells, elevator shafts, mechanical equipment rooms, interior vehicular parking or loading, and all floors below the ground floor, except when used for human habitation or service to the public.

FLOOR AREA RATIO: The gross floor area of all buildings on a lot divided by the lot area.

FLOOR, GROUND: The floor located at or near the adjacent grade or public right-of-way.

FLOWER/PLANTS AND FLORAL SUPPLY: A business involving the retail sale of flowers, house plants, and associated floral supplies.

FRANCHISE RETAIL ARCHITECTURE (OR GENERIC OR CORPORATE ARCHITECTURE): Consists of site layout, buildings, and signs for businesses (usually large format, chain, or franchise retail establishments) that are the same style, color, and material regardless of location. Typically, the employees wear uniforms and the products or food are the same in every facility.


FUEL DEALERS: Wholesale distribution of fuels with associated bulk fuel storage.



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