10-2-1:    Provisions

10-2-2:    Definitions

10-2-3:    Use Permit

10-2-4:    Displaying ATV Use Permit Tags

10-2-5:    Operating Violations


The provisions of this Ordinance shall apply to all lands in this municipality. No person shall have the right or authority to enter upon private property and operate or assist in the operation of an “all-terrain vehicle” thereupon, without the prior written permission of the property owner.


As used in this Ordinance the following words and phrases shall have the designated meanings unless a different meaning is expressly provided or the context otherwise clearly indicates:

ATV USE PERMIT: The permit system established for an all-terrain vehicle in this State.

ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE: Any self-propelled vehicle when used for cross-country travel on trails and nonhighway roads or any one of the following or combination thereof: land, water, snow, ice, marsh, swampland and other natural terrain. Such vehicles shall include but are not limited to four-wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, amphibious vehicles, ground effects or air cushion vehicles, and any other means of land transportation deriving motive power from any source other than muscle or wind; except any vehicle designed primarily for travel on, over, or in the water, farm vehicles, logging and private forestry vehicles, snowmobiles or any military or law enforcement vehicles.

HIGHWAY: The entire width between the boundary lines of every way publicly maintained by the State Department of Highways or City of Renton when any part thereof is generally open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel as a matter of right.

HUNT: Any effort to kill, injure, capture or purposely disturb a wild animal or wild bird.

NONHIGHWAY ROAD: Any road other than a highway generally capable of travel by a conventional two-wheel drive passenger automobile during most of the year and in use by such vehicles and which are private roads.

OPERATOR: Each person who operates, or is in physical control of, any all-terrain vehicle.

ORGANIZED COMPETITIVE EVENT: Any competition, advertised in advance, sponsored by recognized clubs, and conducted at a predetermined time and place.

OWNER: The person other than the lienholder, having an interest in or title to an all-terrain vehicle, and entitled to the use or possession thereof.

PERSON: Any individual, firm, partnership, association or corporation.

TRAIL: A corridor designated and maintained for recreational travel; by whatever mode of transportation (foot, animal or vehicular) authorized by the managing authority of the property that the trail traverses.

10-2-3 USE PERMIT:

No person shall operate any all-terrain vehicle within this Municipality unless such all-terrain vehicles has been assigned an ATV use permit and displays an ATV tag in accordance with RCW 46.09.040, et seq.


All ATV use permit tags and ATV dealer tags shall be displayed in a manner prescribed by the Department of Motor Vehicles on all-terrain vehicles when required by RCW 46.09.050.


It shall be a civil infraction, pursuant to RMC 1-3-1, for any person to operate any all-terrain vehicle:

A.    While under the influence of intoxicating liquor or a controlled substance.

B.    In such a manner as to endanger the property of another, or any human life or personal safety.

C.    On lands not owned by the operator or owner of the all-terrain vehicle without a lighted headlight and taillight at all times.

D.    On lands not owned by the operator or owner of the all-terrain vehicle without an adequate braking device or when otherwise required for the safety of others regardless of ownership.

E.    Without a spark arrestor approved by the Department of Natural Resources.

F.    Without an adequate, and operating, muffling device which shall effectively blend the exhaust and motor noise in such a manner so as to preclude excessive or unusual noise. All-terrain vehicles manufactured after January 4, 1973, shall effectively maintain such noise at a level of eighty two (82) decibels or below on the “A” scale at one hundred feet (100’) under testing procedures as established by the Washington State Patrol.

G.    On lands not owned by the operator or owner of the all-terrain vehicle upon the shoulder or inside bank or slope of any nonhighway road or highway, or upon the median of any divided highway.

H.    On lands not owned by the operator or owner of the all-terrain vehicle in any area or in such a manner so as to unreasonably expose the underlying soil, or to create an erosion condition, or to injure, damage or destroy trees, growing crops or other vegetation.

I.    On lands not owned by the operator or owner of the all-terrain vehicle or on any nonhighway road or trail which is restricted to pedestrian or animal travel. (Ord. 2925, 4-21-75; Ord. 5831, 1-23-17)