10-8-1:    One-Way Streets

10-8-2:    Emergency Vehicles

10-8-3:    Erection Of Signs

10-8-4:    Confliction With State Highway

10-8-5:    One-Way Alleys


The following streets in the City between the terminal points herein defined are designated as one-way streets upon which regular traffic shall travel only in the direction stated herein for each such street:

A.    Travel To Be Northbound Only:

    Wells Avenue S. and N. from S. Grady Way to N. 6th Street.

    East half of Burnett Avenue S., from S. 4th St. to S. 2nd St.

    Houser Way N. from N. 3rd Street to N. 4th Street.

    Houser Way S. and N. between Main Avenue South and Bronson Way N. (Northeast bound traffic).

B.    Travel To Be Southbound Only:

    Williams Avenue N. and S. from N. 6th Street to S. Grady Way.

    West half of Burnett Avenue S. from S. 2nd Street to S. 4th Street.

    Main Avenue South between Bronson Way South and Houser Way South.

    Bronson Way South between Main Avenue South and Mill Avenue South (Southwest bound traffic).

C.    Travel To Be Eastbound Only:

    S. 3rd Street, from Rainier Ave. S. to the intersection of S. 3rd Street and Houser Way S.

    N. 3rd. Street, from Logan Avenue N. to Houser Way N. (Ord. 2725, 7-24-1972)

D.    Travel To Be Westbound Only:

    South 2nd Street from Main Ave. South to Rainier Avenue South

    N. 4th Street from N. 3rd Place to Logan Avenue N.

    N. 3rd Place from Houser Way N. to N. 4th Street (Ord. 3207, 3-27-1978, eff. 4-5-1978)


It shall be unlawful to operate vehicles on such designated one-way streets in any but the designated direction, excepting only police, fire and emergency vehicles in cases of emergency. Violation of this section shall be a misdemeanor as defined in RCW 9A.20.021(3) as it currently exists or is hereafter amended. (Ord. 1384, 10-3-1950; Ord. 5635, 11-14-11)


The Public Works Administrator is authorized and directed to establish from time to time appropriate regulations pursuant hereto, for control, travel, parking, crossings, speeds and uses of said one-way streets, and to erect signs, place markings and signals on said streets as may be found appropriate and necessary for such control purposes. Upon these designated streets and parts of streets, vehicular traffic shall move only in the indicated direction and signs indicating the direction of traffic shall be erected and maintained at each intersection where movement in the opposite direction is prohibited hereunder. (Ord. 2637, 6-21-1971; amd. Ord. 2823, 1-21-1974, eff. 1-30-1974; Ord. 5450, 3-2-2009)


The establishment and operation of such one-way streets shall not impose on the State Highway Department, upon its approval thereof, any added maintenance obligation on any portion thereof, whether or not said streets or portions thereof presently constitute a part of the State highway system. (Ord. 1543, 5-3-56)


The following described alley in the City extending northerly from its intersection of S. 4th Street east of Shattuck Avenue S. for a distance of three hundred sixty feet (360’) located in Block 1, Smithers Fifth Addition to the City, is hereby established and designated as “one-way” upon which vehicular traffic shall travel only in a northbound direction. (Ord. 4607, 5-13-1996)