Chapter 9.14


9.14.010    Disorderly persons defined and enumerated.

9.14.020    Violation – Penalty.

9.14.010 Disorderly persons defined and enumerated.

The following persons are declared to be disorderly persons:

A. Any person found to be ingesting any illegal drug in a place where it can be viewed by a member of the public; or

B. Any person fighting or encouraging others to fight in any public place in the city; or

C. Any person who uses, in the presence of another person, vulgar, profane, or indecent language, or who makes any vulgar, profane, obscene or indecent gesture, under circumstances which create a reasonable fear of imminent assault; or

D. Any person who intentionally obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic:

1. By the linking of arms or joining of hands, lying down, sitting or standing in the street or public right-of-way thus preventing the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or by placing a parked vehicle or other objects in such a manner to obstruct the flow of traffic; or

2. Obstructs pedestrian or vehicular traffic and refuses or intentionally fails to cease such activity when ordered to do so by a police officer; or

E. Any person who intentionally inhales vapors or fumes of any substance listed in RCW 9.47A.010 as it currently exists, or as it may be amended, for the purpose of inducing euphoria, hallucination or intoxication, except as authorized by law; or

F. Any person who visits or resorts to any place with knowledge that any of the above acts are being conducted, practiced or carried on illegally therein;

G. It shall be an affirmative defense to the crime of disorderly conduct that the action constituting disorderly conduct was permitted by the city pursuant to a permit issued. [Ord. 99-76 § 1.01; Ord. 4-87; Ord. 20-11 § 1.18; Ord. 18-12 § 5; Ord. 40-15 § 6].

9.14.020 Violation – Penalty.

It is illegal to be a disorderly person in the city of Richland. Every person convicted of a violation of any provision of this chapter shall be guilty of disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. [Ord. 99-76 § 1.01; Ord. 4-87; Ord. 20-11 § 1.18; Ord. 18-12 § 5].