Chapter 12.20


12.20.010    Permit required.

12.20.020    Regulation of moving method.

12.20.030    Bond required.

12.20.040    Application of chapter.

12.20.050    Violations – Penalties.

12.20.060    Severability.

12.20.010 Permit required.

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to move any building or structure over, along or across any street or alley in the city of Richland without first having obtained a permit so to do from the city engineer. The fee for such permit shall be $2.00. [Ord. 37 § 1.01; Ord. 317 § 1.01].

12.20.020 Regulation of moving method.

The applicant shall leave the street or alley over, along or across which any building or structure shall be moved in as good condition as the same was before such moving. If it is necessary to take out temporarily and then reset poles and wires owned by the city, and the city engineer approves, the work of taking out and resetting such poles and lines shall be done by the city at the expense of the applicant, who shall promptly pay to the city the amount of such expense. The applicant shall proceed with the moving continuously from day to day until completed, Sundays and holidays excepted, with the least possible obstruction to streets or alleys. He shall keep a watchman at the building while on any street or alley from sundown to sunrise, during each night the same shall remain thereon and, during such time, shall keep signal lights displayed on all sides of such building or structure and give anyone going upon such street or alley such warning as will be necessary to prevent injury to persons and property.

The applicant shall comply with such additional provisions and conditions as may be prescribed by the city engineer in the permit.

The permit shall prescribe the mode of moving such building or structure and the street or alley over which such moving may be made, and such moving shall at all times be subject to the control or direction of the city engineer. [Ord. 37 § 1.02].

12.20.030 Bond required.

No permit shall be issued under the provisions of this chapter until the applicant therefor shall execute and deliver to the city of Richland a bond in the penal sum of $5,000 with surety approved by the director of finance, conditioned for faithful compliance with the provisions of this chapter and of any permits which may be issued to such applicant, and to indemnify and save harmless the city of Richland from any and all damage to persons or property arising by reason thereof. Such bond may be given for the period of one year and be conditioned to cover all permits which may be issued to the applicant during such period. [Ord. 37 § 1.03].

12.20.040 Application of chapter.

Nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to modify or qualify the provisions of any existing or future ordinances of the city as to the kind of building or structure which may be moved, or the prohibition against moving frame buildings within the fire limits, or the provisions covering the removal of overhead wires, when their removal is made necessary for the purpose of moving any building or structure upon any street or alley. [Ord. 37 § 1.04].

12.20.050 Violations – Penalties.

Any person who has violated any provision of this chapter shall have committed a civil infraction subject to a civil penalty as set forth in RMC 10.02.050(E).

Provided, if the same violator has been found to have committed an infraction violation for the same or similar conduct two separate times, with the violations occurring at the same location and involving the same or similar sections of the Richland Municipal Code or other similar codes, the third or subsequent violation shall constitute a misdemeanor, punishable as provided in RMC 1.30.010 for criminal offenses. [Ord. 37 § 1.05; Ord. 17-84; Ord. 06-10 § 1.26].

12.20.060 Severability.

The invalidity of any chapter, section, subsection, provision, clause or portion thereof, or the invalidity of the application thereof to any person or circumstance, shall not affect the validity of the remainder of this chapter or the validity of its application to other persons or circumstances. [Ord. 37 § 1.06].