Article I


1.01    Incorporation.

1.02    Short Title.

1.03    Form of Government.

1.04    Powers of the City.

1.01 Incorporation.

The City of Richland within the corporate limits as initially or thereafter established, shall be a city of the first class under the name of “Richland.”

1.02 Short Title.

This Charter, adopted by the people of the City of Richland, shall be known and may be cited as the “Richland City Charter.”

1.03 Form of Government.

The government provided by this Charter shall be the Council-Manager form.

1.04 Powers of the City.

The City shall have all the powers granted to cities of the first class by the Constitution and general laws of the state and all powers implied thereby and shall exercise all municipal functions and have all municipal rights, privileges, and immunities except as prohibited or limited by this Charter. The enumeration of particular powers by this Charter shall not be deemed to be exclusive.