Chapter 1.100


1.100.010    Generally.

1.100.010 Generally.

The city council adopts the following system for the issuance, use and control of credit cards by city officials and employees:

A. The mayor or his designee shall implement the following system for the authorization and control, credit limits and payment of bills related to the use of credit cards by city officials and employees:

1. Distribution. Credit cards may be distributed to those city officials and employees who, in the opinion of the mayor, have job responsibilities which would be facilitated by the use of a credit card and which use would benefit the city.

2. Authorization and Control. The clerk/treasurer shall develop and implement guidelines and accounting controls to ensure the proper usage of credit cards and credit card funds.

3. Credit Limits. The mayor shall set credit limits on each credit card issued. The credit limit shall not exceed $2,500 without written approval of the mayor.

4. Payment of Bills. The clerk/treasurer shall establish and implement a written procedure for the payment of all credit card bills.

5. Unauthorized Charges. Any employee using a city-issued credit card for noncity business shall be billed for all charges on the credit card, and the mayor or designee is directed and authorized to take all necessary legal actions to recover any unauthorized charges.

6. Cash Advances. Cash advances on credit cards are prohibited. (Ord. 940 § 1, 1997).