Chapter 1.116


1.116.010    Procedures for awarding publication bids.

1.116.020    Publication of ordinances.

1.116.030    Publication of notices.

1.116.040    Effective date of ordinances.

1.116.050    Proof of publication.

1.116.060    Signing of ordinances.

1.116.010 Procedures for awarding publication bids.

A. The city council at its first meeting in December of each year shall designate by resolution an official newspaper to publish all ordinances and notices of the city of Ritzville. The official newspaper must be qualified as a legal newspaper pursuant to Chapter 65.16 RCW, as now adopted or hereafter amended, must have a general circulation within the city of Ritzville, and must be the lowest responsible bidder pursuant to this chapter.

B. On or before November 15th of each year, the clerk/treasurer shall call for bids for the publication in a newspaper of all notices, ordinances or other publications required by law. Such call for bids shall be posted in a public place in the city of Ritzville and shall be published in the official newspaper for the city in that respective year once each week, for two consecutive weeks before the date fixed for opening the bids.

C. The city council at its first meeting in December of each year shall award the publication bid to the lowest responsible bidder; provided, however, that if no bids are received, or if the bids received are not satisfactory, then the city council may reject the bids submitted and advertised for further bids.

D. All publication bids shall be on rate per column inch, shall be sealed and received by the clerk/treasurer by 5:00 p.m. on the date the bids are to be opened. The city council shall, if it accepts any of the bids, order the accepted bid to be filed with the Ritzville clerk/treasurer, who shall immediately notify all bidders of the decision. The newspaper so selected shall immediately enter into a written contract with the city to perform such contract as bid for the next following calendar year.

E. All publication contracts shall be effective as of the first day of January of the next following year; and shall expire on the last day of December of that respective year.

F. The bid process herein established with respect to publication costs shall not apply with respect to printing costs and purchases of materials or supplies. (Ord. 1006 §§ 1 – 6, 2000).

1.116.020 Publication of ordinances.

Promptly after adoption, every ordinance shall be published at least once in the official newspaper. (Ord. 1006 § 7, 2000).

1.116.030 Publication of notices.

Whenever the city of Ritzville is required by law to publish legal notices containing the full text of any ordinance, the city of Ritzville may publish a summary of the ordinance which shall be approved by the city council and comply with RCW 65.16.160 as now exists or as hereafter amended. (Ord. 1006 § 8, 2000).

1.116.040 Effective date of ordinances.

Unless otherwise restricted or provided by law, each ordinance adopted by the city of Ritzville shall take effect and shall be in full force five days following the date of publication, or summary thereof, in the official newspaper. (Ord. 1006 § 9, 2000).

1.116.050 Proof of publication.

The clerk/treasurer shall obtain and preserve sufficient proof of publication from the official newspaper, and shall attach the proof of publication with the original ordinance and enter such into the official Ritzville City Code. (Ord. 1006 § 10, 2000).

1.116.060 Signing of ordinances.

Every ordinance shall be signed by the mayor and attested by the clerk/treasurer, or as otherwise required by RCW 35.27.290 as now exists or hereafter amended. (Ord. 1006 § 11, 2000).