Chapter 1.12


1.12.005    Offices of clerk and treasurer consolidated.

1.12.010    Treasurer – Duties.

1.12.020    City clerk/treasurer – Salary.

1.12.030    Clerk – Duties.

1.12.035    Clerk/treasurer – Cost estimates for improvement districts.

1.12.050    Deputy clerk – Employment and compensation.

1.12.060    Attorney – Duties.

1.12.080    Clerk/treasurer and attorney – Appointment and term.

1.12.005 Offices of clerk and treasurer consolidated.

A. The office of city treasurer shall be and is combined with the office of city clerk, and the separate offices of city clerk and city treasurer are abolished.

B. The consolidated office shall be designated “city clerk/treasurer,” and in such capacity, the person appointed to fill said office shall exercise all powers and perform all duties as provided by statutes as to the two offices.

C. It is further specifically ordained that the combined office of the city clerk/treasurer shall be an appointive office. (Ord. 1092 § 5, 2005; Ord. 674 §§ 1 – 4, 1981).

1.12.010 Treasurer – Duties.

The city treasurer shall perform all such duties as are required of him by the laws of the state, the ordinances of the city, and such other duties as the city council may direct in addition to the above. (Ord. 449 § 1, 1967).

1.12.020 City clerk/treasurer – Salary.

The city clerk/treasurer shall receive as compensation for his services such sums as shall be fixed by the city council at the time of making annual estimates. Compensation shall be $4,000 per month. (Ord. 889 § 2, 1994; Ord. 836 § 4, 1990; Ord. 595 § 2, 1976).

1.12.030 Clerk – Duties.

A. The city clerk/treasurer shall keep a full and true record of every act and proceeding of the city council; keep such books, accounts, and make such reports as may be prescribed or required by the Washington State Auditor; record all city ordinances, with his certificate annexed to the copy, the same as has been posted and published according to law.

B. He may appoint a deputy or deputies for whose acts he and his bondsmen shall be held responsible, and he and his deputy shall have the power to take all necessary affidavits to demands against the city and certify the same without charge. He shall be custodian of the seal of the city and shall have power to acknowledge the execution of all instruments by the city which require to be acknowledged. He shall perform such other duties as are required of him by the laws of the state or ordinances of the city.

C. He shall also keep a correct plat of the city cemetery and conduct all business in connection with the sale of burial lots.

D. He shall keep records, grants, maps, and construction project documentation for all city departments.

E. He shall provide clerical or technical support to the mayor, city attorney, department heads, and commissions/boards as required.

F. He shall administer issuing of permits and maintain records on dogs, rabbits, buildings, conditional uses, variances, subdivisions, demolition, mechanical, plumbing, water and sewer hookups. (Ord. 1092 § 6, 2005; Ord. 385 § 3, 1948).

1.12.035 Clerk/treasurer – Cost estimates for improvement districts.

The city clerk/treasurer is authorized to prepare or cause to be prepared estimates of the cost and expense of improvements within local improvement districts and all assessment rolls required in connection with municipal affairs. (Ord. 465 § 1, 1959).

1.12.050 Deputy clerk – Employment and compensation.

The deputy clerk for the city of Ritzville shall be appointed by the city clerk/treasurer without the consent of the city council, and the compensation for the deputy clerk shall be fixed by the city council. (Ord. 635 § 3, 1979; Ord. 385 § 5, 1948).

1.12.060 Attorney – Duties.

It shall be the duty of the city attorney to advise the city authorities and officers in all legal matters pertaining to the business of the city and to approve all ordinances as to form.

He shall represent the city in all action brought by and against the city or against city officials in their official capacity.

He shall perform other duties such as are required by the laws of the state and the ordinances of the city. (Ord. 385 § 6, 1948).

1.12.080 Clerk/treasurer and attorney – Appointment and term.

The offices of the city clerk/treasurer and city attorney shall be filled by appointment by the mayor subject to confirmation by a majority vote of the city council, and the offices shall no longer be filled by election. The term of the officers shall be at the pleasure of the mayor. (Ord. 446 § 1, 1957).