Chapter 1.30


1.30.010    Purpose of chapter provisions.

1.30.020    Eligibility requirements.

1.30.030    Appointment authority.

1.30.040    Status of members.

1.30.050    Duties.

1.30.060    Chief of police powers and duties.

1.30.010 Purpose of chapter provisions.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish a police reserve force in the city of Ritzville to function as a unit of the city civil defense, and which will supplement the regular police force in the event of major disasters, aid the control of traffic and in general, supplement the city police in carrying out their functions within the city of Ritzville. (Ord. 670 § 1, 1981).

1.30.020 Eligibility requirements.

A. To be eligible for the police reserve force, each applicant must file an application with the chief of police and indicate a willingness to serve an average minimum of eight hours per month in public service and must meet the qualifications and all other requirements prescribed for membership in the reserve police force, and complete its training program, all established under rules and regulations established by the chief of police.

B. In addition, to be eligible for duty, the applicant shall:

1. Be a citizen of the United States;

2. Be 21 years of age or older;

3. Be trustworthy and of good moral character;

4. Not have been convicted of a felony or any offense involving moral turpitude;

5. Take an oath to perform the duties prescribed by this chapter and rules and regulations;

6. Such other criteria as may from time to time be set forth in the city of Ritzville’s personnel policy manual. (Ord. 1092 § 16, 2005; Ord. 670 § 4, 1981).

1.30.030 Appointment authority.

Each member shall be appointed by the chief of police with approval of the mayor upon meeting eligibility requirements. (Ord. 670 § 3, 1981).

1.30.040 Status of members.

A. A police reserve force member shall not be regarded as a city employee for any purpose, or subject to civil service rules and regulations; nor shall he be entitled to the benefits of the police pension fund act. They shall have only those powers vested in them by the chief of police while under his authority while they are officially performing duties.

B. Subsection (A) of this section shall not prevent the chief of police, or the city of Ritzville, from employing any of the police reserve force as part-time police officers, and to pay them compensation in a manner directed by the council. (Ord. 670 § 6, 1981).

1.30.050 Duties.

Duties of the reserve force shall be to aid in control of traffic and maintenance of order at parades, general policing of large assemblies of people, and, in cases of declared emergency, to assist the regular police in the protection of life, property and preservation of peace and order. Their duties shall also be to perform nonemergency duties in vehicular patrol, and such other assignments as shall be specified by the chief of police and/or city director of civil defense. (Ord. 670 § 2, 1981).

1.30.060 Chief of police powers and duties.

The chief of police shall have the right at any time, without cause, to revoke the membership of a reserve policeman. He shall, further, be responsible for the establishment of a training program, promulgating rules and regulations of the conduct of reserve police, prescribe uniforms therefor, and supervise their performance of duty and assignment of duties; provided, that the rules and regulations must be approved by the city director of civil defense, if and when appointed. (Ord. 670 § 5, 1981).