Chapter 1.52


1.52.010    Acquisition of federal housing project.

1.52.020    Housing fund created.

1.52.030    Manager – Appointment and compensation.

1.52.010 Acquisition of federal housing project.

The city of Ritzville has acquired ownership of the federal housing project located in Block 18, Green and Prouty’s First Addition to the city of Ritzville. (Ord. 399, 1950).

1.52.020 Housing fund created.

There is created in the city treasury a fund to be known as the “housing fund” into which all funds received from the housing project are to be paid off, and all expenditures made by the housing project are to be disbursed. (Ord. 399 § 1, 1950).

1.52.030 Manager – Appointment and compensation.

The city council shall appoint a manager of the housing project, and the city clerk/treasurer can be appointed as such manager. The manager shall receive the sum of $50.00 per month as compensation for his services as such manager. (Ord. 399 § 2, 1950).