Chapter 1.64


1.64.010    Redemption.

1.64.020    Payment of interest – Accounting.

1.64.030    Redemption – Priority.

1.64.040    Procedures for manual warrants.

1.64.010 Redemption.

The city clerk/treasurer shall pay all orders of the city clerk/treasurer when presented, if there is money in the treasury for that purpose, and write on such order the date of redemption and his signature; provided, if there are no funds to pay such order when presented, he shall endorse thereon “Not paid for the want of funds,” and the date of such endorsement over his signature, which shall entitle such order thenceforth to draw legal interest; provided, that such interest shall cease from date of notice by publication in the official newspaper of the city that there are funds to redeem such outstanding orders, which notice the clerk/treasurer shall give in such case. If there is no such newspaper, the clerk/treasurer shall post such notice at three public places in the city. (Ord. 8 § 1, 1890).

1.64.020 Payment of interest – Accounting.

When the city clerk/treasurer pays or redeems any order on which the interest is due, he shall note on such order the amount of interest paid thereon and shall enter on his account the amount of such interest distinct from the principal. (Ord. 8 § 2, 1890).

1.64.030 Redemption – Priority.

City orders or warrants shall be redeemed by the clerk/treasurer according to the priority of their issue. (Ord. 8 § 3, 1890).

1.64.040 Procedures for manual warrants.

Payment of Certain Claims – Emergency Payments. The city clerk/treasurer may issue warrants in payment of claims before the city council has acted to approve the claims, if such claims can be paid at a discount or if such claims are emergencies; provided, that all of the following conditions are met:

A. The claim shall be paid at a reduced amount, i.e., an amount less than the amount would be if the claim were not paid until after approval for payment of the claim was made by the city council, or, the claim shall be paid to enable the timely, efficient and proper function of the city or a department, division, board committee or office of the city, where to delay the payment of such claim until after approval by the city council would reasonably be expected to create a risk to public health or safety.

B. The city council shall review the documentation supporting claims paid pursuant to this section, and shall approve all warrants issued in payment of such claims at its next regularly scheduled public meeting.

C. If, upon review, the city council shall disapprove any such claim, the officers of the city who by statute are authorized to sign the warrants shall jointly cause disapproved claims to be recognized as receivables of the city of Ritzville and shall pursue collection diligently until the amounts disapproved are collected or until the city council is satisfied and approves the claims.

D. The officers of the city who are designated by statute to sign the warrants shall each furnish an official bond for the faithful discharge of his or her duties in the amount of $50,000. (Ord. 949 § 1, 1997).


Local improvement warrants, see Chapter 7.12 RCC.