Chapter 1.92


1.92.010    Participation in statewide system – Employees included.

1.92.020    Number of employees included.

1.92.030    Copy transmitted to board.

1.92.040    Basis for prior service credit.

1.92.050    Basis for Social Security coverage.

1.92.060    Basis for contribution.

1.92.010 Participation in statewide system – Employees included.

The city of Ritzville has elected and does hereby elect to participate as a member of Statewide City Employees Retirement System for pension, relief, disability and retirement for the employees of the city as provided by Chapter 41.44 RCW so that all employees and officials of said city shall be included in said system except seasonal workers; provided, that no elective official shall be included unless said official so elects and files a written notice of such election with the board of trustees of said pension system and with the city clerk/treasurer. (Ord. 490 § 1, 1962).

1.92.020 Number of employees included.

The number of employees and officials, other than elective officials who shall be included as members of said pension system, is approximately 15. (Ord. 490 § 2, 1962).

1.92.030 Copy transmitted to board.

A certified copy of this chapter shall be transmitted to the board of trustees of Statewide City Employees Retirement System as evidence of an election of the city to join such pension system. (Ord. 490 § 3, 1962).

1.92.040 Basis for prior service credit.

The basis for prior service credit shall be 1.333 percent of final compensation known as “Full Prior Service Credit.” (Ord. 490 § 4, 1962).

1.92.050 Basis for Social Security coverage.

The basis for Social Security coverage will be coordination. (Ord. 490 § 5, 1962).

1.92.060 Basis for contribution.

The basis for contribution shall be full compensation. (Ord. 490 § 6, 1962).