Chapter 3.52


3.52.010    Purpose.

3.52.020    Requirements.

3.52.030    Documentation.

3.52.040    Fees.

3.52.050    Appointments.

3.52.060    Procedure.

3.52.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to set policy on how vehicle hulks will be handled in the city of Ritzville. (Ord. 1019 § 1, 2001).

3.52.020 Requirements.

Vehicle body must be free of all trash, garbage, and debris.

Vehicle tires must be off and out of the trunk and removed from site.

Fuel tanks must be drained of all fuel and punctured.

Batteries must be removed.

The radiator must be drained. (Ord. 1019 § 2, 2001).

3.52.030 Documentation.

All titles or bill of sale or other appropriate documents must be presented to the city. (Ord. 1019 § 3, 2001).

3.52.040 Fees.

Fees: $15.00 for vehicles from inside the city limits.

Forty dollars for vehicles outside the city limits but no further than 30 miles. (Ord. 1019 § 4, 2001).

3.52.050 Appointments.

Once the clerk’s office has received payment and documents listed above, an appointment will be given to the person in possession of the vehicle. This document will have the receipt number and documents written on it. The city employee receiving the money and documents will initial the appointment document. (Ord. 1019 § 5, 2001).

3.52.060 Procedure.

The person in possession of the vehicle will give the city employee the appointment document upon reaching the meeting place designated by the public works director. The city employee will fill out the inventory list and initial it. Once the vehicle has passed the inventory list, the city employee will escort the vehicle to the disposal site. The employee will return the document to the clerk’s office whether the vehicle has been disposed of or not. If the vehicle does not pass the inventory list, the person in possession of the vehicle will remove the vehicle to make changes. They will contact the clerk’s office for a new appointment document. (Ord. 1019 § 6, 2001).