Chapter 4.24


4.24.010    Definitions.

4.24.020    Registration certificate required.

4.24.030    Registration fee.

4.24.040    Investigation fee.

4.24.050    Registration certificate – Application.

4.24.060    Firm disclosure requirements.

4.24.070    Registration certificate – Issuance.

4.24.080    Registration certificate – Carrying.

4.24.090    Revocation.

4.24.100    Orders.

4.24.110    Exclusions.

4.24.120    Resident solicitors.

4.24.010 Definitions.

“Solicitor” means any person or agent on behalf of a corporation or other organization who goes from house to house or place to place in the city, selling, taking orders for or offering to sell, rent, lease or take orders for the sale, rental or lease of goods, wares, merchandise, services or for present or future delivery or for the making, manufacturing or repairing of any article or thing whatsoever for the present or future delivery, and any persons setting up a temporary or seasonal retail business within the city of Ritzville for the purpose of performing or selling goods or services.

“Temporary or seasonal” means a time period of operations not to exceed four consecutive months. (Ord. 2040 § 1, 2010; Ord. 773 § 1, 1986).

4.24.020 Registration certificate required.

It is unlawful for any person to act as solicitor as defined in RCC 4.24.010 unless he has first obtained a registration certificate in a manner provided by this chapter and unless he has a current registration certificate in his or her possession. (Ord. 773 § 2, 1986).

4.24.030 Registration fee.

The registration fee for each applicant shall be $25.00 for each calendar year or fraction thereof, or for each temporary or seasonal period, payable in advance. Each registration certificate issued under this chapter shall be renewable on January 1st of each calendar year or at the beginning of each temporary or seasonal period. (Ord. 2040 § 2, 2010; Ord. 773 § 3, 1986).

4.24.040 Investigation fee.

An investigation fee of $25.00 shall be paid to the city by each solicitor for a solicitor’s permit. The fee shall be paid to the city clerk/treasurer for deposit in the general fund and used to defer the cost of any investigation made of the applicant. Each application for a solicitor’s registration certificate shall be processed for approval by the clerk/treasurer. (Ord. 2040 § 3, 2010; Ord. 773 § 4, 1986).

4.24.050 Registration certificate – Application.

Any person desiring to secure a solicitor’s registration certificate shall apply in writing over his or her signature to the city clerk/treasurer on forms provided by the city and such application shall state, as to each solicitor, or agent for a corporation, the following:

A. The name and address of each solicitor;

B. The name and address of the person, firm or corporation by whom employed;

C. The length of service of each solicitor with such employer;

D. The place of residence and nature of the employment of each solicitor during the last preceding year;

E. The nature or character of goods, wares, merchandise and services to be offered by each solicitor;

F. The personal description of each solicitor. The application shall be accompanied by such credential of identity of each solicitor as may reasonably be required by the city clerk/treasurer; included among the requirements shall be a Social Security card and number and driver’s license certificate. (Ord. 773 § 5, 1986).

4.24.060 Firm disclosure requirements.

“Fee” and “investigation,” as used in the ordinance codified in this chapter, refer to individual persons, and persons who are agents for corporations applying for a solicitor’s registration certificate and they shall be required to pay the above fee and submit to investigation as may be required in said ordinance. The firm represented by the solicitor shall be required to furnish such additional information as the city clerk/treasurer may require. (Ord. 773 § 6, 1986).

4.24.070 Registration certificate – Issuance.

If it is determined that the facts set forth in the application are true and that such solicitor has not been convicted of a felony less than 10 years old and related to the area of licensure, and that he proposes to engage in a lawful and legitimate commercial enterprise, the city clerk/treasurer then can approve the application and may thereafter issue a registration certificate. (Ord. 2040 § 4, 2010; Ord. 1092 § 97, 2005; Ord. 773 § 7, 1986).

4.24.080 Registration certificate – Carrying.

Such registration certificate shall be carried at all times by each solicitor for whom issued when soliciting or canvassing or doing business in the city and shall be exhibited by any such solicitor whenever he or she shall be requested to do so by any police officer or any person solicited. (Ord. 773 § 8, 1986).

4.24.090 Revocation.

Any such registration certificate may be revoked by the city clerk/treasurer for any violation of the ordinances of the city, laws of the state or laws of the United States. Notice of revocation or notice of refusal to issue the registration certificate shall be sent to the registrant or prospective registrant specifying the grounds for revocation or refusal. The registrant or prospective registrant may file a notice of appeal with the city clerk/treasurer within 10 days of receipt of the notice of revocation or refusal to issue. If timely, the hearing on notice of appeal shall be the next regularly scheduled council meeting. (Ord. 2040 § 5, 2010; Ord. 773 § 9, 1986).

4.24.100 Orders.

All orders taken by solicitors shall be written in duplicate, stating the name as it appears on the certificate of registration, the address of both the solicitor and his employer, the terms thereof and the amount paid in evidence, and one copy shall be given to the purchaser. (Ord. 773 § 10, 1986).

4.24.110 Exclusions.

This chapter shall not apply to:

A. Any farmer, gardener or other person selling, delivering or peddling any fruit, vegetables, berries, butter, eggs, fish, milk, poultry, meats or other farm produce or edibles raised, caught, produced or manufactured by such person in any place in the state or to any person selling or delivering milk or milk products or bakery goods produced or manufactured in the state; or

B. To anyone under the age of 18; or

C. To members of any religious, charitable, health or welfare service or youth service organizations selling or offering to sell goods or services in order to raise funds for the charitable work of such organizations and for no other purpose. (Ord. 2040 § 6, 2010; Ord. 773 § 11, 1986).

4.24.120 Resident solicitors.

Solicitors who are permanent residents of the city shall meet all of the above requirements as well as paying the investigation fee. All solicitors shall be required to complete the application, undergo investigation, pay the registration fee and have a valid registration certificate in his or her possession prior to soliciting as defined herein. (Ord. 2040 § 7, 2010; Ord. 773 § 12, 1986).