Chapter 8.12


8.12.010    Definitions.

8.12.070    Riding on sidewalks and closed streets prohibited.

8.12.080    Regulation of traffic – Who empowered.

8.12.300    Repealed.

8.12.310    Rule of construction.

8.12.320    Violations – Penalties.

8.12.010 Definitions.

The word “driver” includes the rider or driver of a horse, the rider of wheels and the operator of a motor vehicle.

The word “horse” includes all domestic animals.

The term “parking area” as used in this chapter shall include that part of any street along the curb-line thereof designated by the permanent committee of streets and public improvements as the place for the standing of vehicles.

The term “public highway” or “public highways” shall include any highway, road, public street, avenue, alley, driveway or other place built, supported, maintained, controlled or used by the public, or by the city of Ritzville, for the use of the public as a highway, or for the transportation of persons or freight, or as a place of travel or communication between localities within the city of Ritzville.

The word “vehicle” includes equestrians, led horses and everything on wheels or runners, except baby carriages. (Ord. 2160 § 1, 2022; Ord. 255 § 1, 1919).

8.12.070 Riding on sidewalks and closed streets prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person or persons to ride or propel any bicycle, tricycle, bike, tandem, skateboard, roller blades or roller skates on the sidewalks within the downtown business district of the city of Ritzville, defined as from Adams Street to Columbia Street, inclusive and from Railroad Avenue to Broadway Avenue, inclusive. The provisions of this section shall apply to any street or portion of a street which has been temporarily closed by action of the Ritzville city council for parade, festival or special event purposes. A violation of this section shall constitute a civil infraction punishable by a fine of $100.00. (Ord. 2160 § 1, 2022; Ord. 2061 § 1, 2012; Ord. 255 § 12, 1919).

8.12.080 Regulation of traffic – Who empowered.

The permanent committee on streets and public improvements, and any and all police officers of the city of Ritzville, are hereby authorized and empowered to direct, control, restrict and regulate, in the interests of public safety, health and convenience, the movement of pedestrians, animals and traffic of every kind within the city of Ritzville and may, when necessary, divert or exclude all such public highway within the city of Ritzville.

It shall be unlawful for any person to disobey or fail or refuse to comply with any order made or any direction given by any person authorized to make or give the same under and by virtue of the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 2160 § 1, 2022; Ord. 255 § 13, 1919).

8.12.300 Snow on sidewalks – Must be removed – City to remove upon failure of owner and owner to pay.

Repealed by Ord. 2160. (Ord. 255 § 37, 1919).

8.12.310 Rule of construction.

It is not intended by this chapter to repeal or rescind any ordinance heretofore in effect in the city of Ritzville relative to the same or kindred subjects embraced herein, unless the same be in direct conflict herewith, but this chapter is intended to be additional thereto. (Ord. 2160 § 1, 2022; Ord. 255 § 38, 1919).

8.12.320 Violations – Penalties.

Any person who shall violate any provision of this chapter shall, upon conviction thereof, and in addition to any other penalties herein provided, be punished by a fine of not less than $1.00 or more than $100.00, or by not more than 30 days in the county jail, or by both such fine and imprisonment. (Ord. 2160 § 1, 2022; Ord. 255 § 39, 1919).