Chapter 1.10


1.10.010    Violation a civil infraction.

1.10.020    Civil procedure.

1.10.010 Violation a civil infraction.

Unless provided otherwise in this code, any person, firm or corporation, their agents or servants, who shall violate any of the provisions of this code shall be deemed guilty of a civil infraction. A particular chapter or section of this code shall not be deemed a criminal violation unless the chapter or section specifically states that a violation of its provisions constitutes a misdemeanor or specifically states a violation to be a criminal offense, or adopts by reference a provision of the Revised Code of Washington that is a criminal offense. The use of the term “conviction” does not make a provision of this code a criminal offense. Except for those provisions of the Motor Vehicle Code of the State of Washington which are adopted by reference under the city of Roslyn as the same now are or in the future may hereafter be amended by the Legislature of the State of Washington, all criminal provisions of this code shall provide no imprisonment as a penalty for violation of such code. Violators of this code are those who fail to comply with the provisions of any of the sections of this code, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in such monetary amount as set forth in the code section so violated, and if no penalty is provided, then by a fine of up to $5,000, except that the maximum fine imposed for those sections of the Revised Code of Washington that are adopted by reference shall not exceed the maximum fine set forth therein as they are now or hereafter may be adopted. [Ord. 715, 1992; Ord. 653, 1989; Ord. 644 § 18, 1989; Ord. 552 § 2, 1979.]

1.10.020 Civil procedure.

RCW 7.80.020 through 7.80.160 inclusive, as said sections of the Revised Code of Washington now read or may hereafter be amended, is hereby adopted by the city of Roslyn as the civil procedure to be used by the Roslyn municipal court whenever a notice of civil infraction is issued. [Ord. 666, 1990; Ord. 653, 1989.]