Chapter 2.22


2.22.010    Office created.

2.22.020    Duties.

2.22.030    Appointment – Removal.

2.22.040    Salary.

2.22.010 Office created.

The office of city administrator of the city of Roslyn is hereby created. [Ord. 1049 § 1, 2009.]

2.22.020 Duties.

The city administrator, under the direction and control of the mayor, shall be the individual responsible for supervision and administration of city personnel, and for the implementation, administration and enforcement of city ordinances and resolutions, and the policies and directives of the city council, which shall remain the legislative and policy-making body of the city. The city administrator, under the direction of the mayor, shall have the authority to draft, revise and enforce by whatever actions are necessary and lawful a set of administrative rules and procedures that will ensure the efficient and proper operation of city government and will carry out the ordinances and policies established by the city council. The city administrator shall also perform all duties and obligations of a city administrator as required by law, and such other duties as are set forth in the city code, or as assigned by the mayor. The city administrator shall attend all special and regular meetings of the city council, unless excused, and such other meetings as requested by the mayor, or required to satisfactorily perform the duties of the position. [Ord. 1049 § 1, 2009.]

2.22.030 Appointment – Removal.

The city administrator shall be an at-will employee appointed by the mayor, subject to council confirmation, and terminable at will, subject to the provisions of any employment agreement. The position of city administrator shall not be required to be filled and may remain vacant at the discretion of the mayor. During periods of vacancy all duties generally performed by the city administrator shall be performed by the mayor. [Ord. 1049 § 1, 2009.]

2.22.040 Salary.

The salary for the position of city administrator shall be set at the rate provided for in the annual budget of the city adopted or amended by the city council. The city council may approve an employment agreement with the city administrator subject to the requirements of this chapter. [Ord. 1049 § 1, 2009.]