Chapter 2.30


2.30.010    Appointive office.

2.30.020    Qualifications.

2.30.010 Appointive office.

The office of city attorney for the city of Roslyn is hereby made an appointive office. The city attorney shall be appointed by the mayor, and the appointment shall be subject to confirmation by a majority vote of the city council. The city attorney shall perform the usual and customary duties required by law of a city attorney in cities of like size and population. From time to time, as the mayor may determine, one or more assistant city attorneys may be appointed by the mayor if the mayor determines that such employment is to the city’s benefit. The appointment of an assistant city attorney shall not require city council approval. [Ord. 724, 1992; Ord. 425 § 1, 1958; Ord. 15 § 2, 1890.]

2.30.020 Qualifications.

The city attorney need not be a resident or elector of the city of Roslyn, but he must be a licensed and practicing attorney at law in the state of Washington. [Ord. 425 § 2, 1958.]