Chapter 2.40


Article I. Powers and Duties

2.40.010    Fire department – Creation.

2.40.020    Officers.

2.40.030    Bylaws.

2.40.040    Fire chief – Powers and duties.

2.40.050    Fire chief – Police authority at fires.

2.40.060    Firefighters – Personnel policy.

2.40.070    Compensation.

2.40.080    Hindering or delaying fire department personnel – Penalty.

2.40.090    Mutual aid.

Article II. Retirement

2.40.100    Volunteer fire department.

2.40.110    Enrollment.

2.40.120    Membership.

2.40.130    Fees – Payments.

2.40.140    State provisions adopted.

Article I. Powers and Duties

2.40.010 Fire department – Creation.

Pursuant to Chapter 41.24 RCW, as now exists or as hereafter may be amended, a fire department for the city of Roslyn is hereby created and shall be known as the Roslyn fire department. The Roslyn fire department shall consist of such employees as determined by the city council. [Ord. 844 § 2, 1997.]

2.40.020 Officers.

The officers of the Roslyn fire department shall consist of a fire chief and such other officers as are established by the fire department pursuant to its rules and regulations, all of which, including any amendment, shall be approved by the city council prior to their effective date. [Ord. 844 § 2, 1997.]

2.40.030 Bylaws.

The Roslyn fire department shall adopt rules and regulations, known as the Roslyn fire department operating guidelines, subject to approval of the mayor and ratification by the city council, for its internal operations, including, but not limited to, the chain of command, the number of officers, their duties and qualifications, training and membership requirements for its firefighters, standards for responding to emergencies and operating equipment, and safety standards. [Ord. 844 § 2, 1997.]

2.40.040 Fire chief – Powers and duties.

The fire chief, under the direction of the mayor, is head of the fire department and is responsible for planning, organizing and directing an emergency organization specifically concerned with minimizing the loss of life and property caused by fire. This includes the planning, direction, and coordination of personnel engaged in fire fighting, fire inspections, training, maintenance and repair of fire equipment alarm systems, and station upkeep, and to report all fires of criminal, suspected, or undetermined origin to the State Fire Marshal. The fire chief’s duties shall also include the following:

A. To have direct control, management and direction of all officers and firefighters of the fire department and the power to detail any of them to such public service as he or she may see fit, looking to the best interest and efficiency of the department.

B. To carry out the enforcement of the rules and regulations of the department and to be able to suspend or remove from service any officer or firefighter for cause in such manner as is provided in this chapter.

C. To exercise supreme command over the department at fires and over all equipment belonging to it.

D. To cause all fires to be extinguished with the least possible danger to life and property and to the extent possible to prevent unnecessary damage by water at fires; however, the city shall not have any liability under this section for any damage caused by excessive water damage.

E. To see that the premises on which fires occur are left in such condition that they will not rekindle and cause further damage to life and property.

F. To observe the general conditions of the department and apparatus and make a periodic report to the mayor concerning the same, along with a complete report of the activities of the department.

G. To the extent possible to make an investigation of each fire, keeping a record of and determining the cause, amount of loss to building and contents, amount of insurance coverage and insurance paid, and number and description of each building destroyed, together with names of owners and occupants.

H. The chief is authorized, empowered and required to inspect, from time to time, all buildings and premises where accumulations of combustible materials or other hazardous conditions are liable to exist, and to issue such changes and recommendations required for compliance with current city fire codes. For purposes of inspection, he or she is empowered to enter any and all buildings and premises at any reasonable hour.

I. It shall be the duty of the fire chief to uphold the Roslyn fire department operating guidelines. [Ord. 844 § 2, 1997.]

2.40.050 Fire chief – Police authority at fires.

The fire chief and his or her assistants or officers in command at any fire are invested with full and complete police authority, and are authorized and directed to require and secure the removal of any and all obstructions in front of and around fire hydrants, and for that purpose are authorized to call upon any municipal employees for aid and assistance in securing such removal of obstructions. [Ord. 844 § 2, 1997.]

2.40.060 Firefighters – Personnel policy.

Each employee of the Roslyn fire department shall receive a copy of the Roslyn fire department operating guidelines (OGs) and shall abide by its rules and regulations. The city’s personnel policy contained in Chapter 2.70 RMC shall apply to all employees of the Roslyn fire department. When the OGs conflict with the city personnel policy, this chapter and the city’s personnel policy shall take precedence. [Ord. 844 § 2, 1997.]

2.40.070 Compensation.

The fire chief shall be compensated in an amount established by the city council. [Ord. 844 § 2, 1997.]

2.40.080 Hindering or delaying fire department personnel – Penalty.

In all cases when the alarm of fire has been sounded, the Roslyn fire department shall have the right-of-way, and any person or persons who shall willfully hinder, delay or in any manner oppose any officer or member of the Roslyn fire department of said city, while in the lawful performance of his duty in time of fire, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction may be sentenced to a maximum 90 days in jail, a fine of $1,000, or both. [Ord. 844 § 2, 1997.]

2.40.090 Mutual aid.

The city council may establish a policy on behalf of the city of Roslyn to direct the mayor to enter into such mutual aid agreements with adjoining communities or fire districts maintaining and operating fire apparatus and equipment as may be necessary or desirable to effectuate the orderly dispatch of the city of Roslyn fire apparatus and equipment outside of the city and the reciprocal dispatching of other apparatus and equipment into the city. [Ord. 844 § 2, 1997.]

Article II. Retirement

2.40.100 Volunteer fire department.

The city of Roslyn maintains and operates a regularly organized volunteer fire department. City firemen are enrolled under the relief and compensation provisions of Chapter 41.24 RCW. [Ord. 530 § 1, 1976.]

2.40.110 Enrollment.

Any fireman who is a member of the Roslyn fire department may enroll under the pension provisions of Chapter 41.24 RCW by electing to avail himself of the retirement provisions of said law. Any said enrollment prior to March 1, 1976, is hereby authorized and ratified. [Ord. 530 § 2, 1976; Ord. 368 §§ 1, 2, 1946.]

2.40.120 Membership.

The membership of the fire department shall not at any time exceed 35 firemen and shall in no case be limited to less than 15 firemen. [Ord. 530 § 3, 1976; Ord. 368 § 3, 1946.]

2.40.130 Fees – Payments.

The secretary-treasurer of the Roslyn fire department shall periodically, as required by law, collect and pay from all city firemen enrolled under the pension provisions of Chapter 41.24 RCW, so long as they shall continue to be members of the Roslyn fire department, all fees and payments required of said firemen under said law. Such fees and payments shall be remitted to the Washington State Trust Fund known as the Volunteer Firemen’s Relief and Pension Fund, together with all such fees and payments required from the city of Roslyn, at the times and in the manner required by law. [Ord. 530 § 4, 1976.]

2.40.140 State provisions adopted.

There is hereby adopted by reference, and made a part of this chapter, Chapter 41.24 RCW. Each and all of the provisions of Chapter 41.24 RCW are by this reference made a part of this chapter and shall hereafter be in effect in the city of Roslyn in the same manner as if they were fully set forth in this chapter. As required by law, three copies of the said Chapter 41.24 RCW are now on file in the office of the Roslyn city clerk and shall at all times be kept on file in the city clerk’s office while this chapter is in effect. [Ord. 530 § 5, 1976.]