Chapter 3.25


3.25.010    Imposed.

3.25.020    Billing – Collection.

3.25.030    Funds deposit, expenditure.

3.25.010 Imposed.

There is hereby imposed upon any firm, person or corporation connected to or using the water and sewer utilities of the city of Roslyn a utility tax which shall be six percent of the monthly bill of any person, firm or corporation connected to or utilizing the water and sewer utility systems of the city of Roslyn. [Ord. 904 § 1, 2000.]

3.25.020 Billing – Collection.

The city clerk of the city of Roslyn is hereby authorized and directed to bill and collect utility tax hereinabove set forth for the period commencing with the month of January 1, 2001, and each month thereafter. [Ord. 904 § 2, 2000.]

3.25.030 Funds deposit, expenditure.

The funds generated by this utility tax shall be deposited to and expended from the funds under the city of Roslyn budget heading “Current Expense Fund.” [Ord. 904 § 3, 2000.]