Chapter 9.30


Article I. Discharging within City Limits

9.30.010    Discharging within city limits.

Article II. Exemption

9.30.050    Exemption from restrictions.

9.30.060    Uniformity.

Article I. Discharging within City Limits

9.30.010 Discharging within city limits.

It shall be unlawful for any person to discharge in the city of Roslyn, Washington, any BB gun or air rifle or any gun or rifle discharging BB shot or slugs, operating by compressed air or in any other manner, or cause the shot or charge therefrom to land within the limits of said city, or to carry a loaded rifle or gun of any kind or description whatever within the limits of said city. [Ord. 374 § 1, 1948; Ord. 22 § 1, 1890.]

Article II. Exemption

9.30.050 Exemption from restrictions.

The city of Roslyn through its city council and pursuant to RCW 9.41.050(6) hereby exempts itself from application of the firearms restrictions set out in subsection (4) of Section 405 of Chapter 7, Laws of 1994, First Special Session (ESSHB 2319) and RCW 9.41.050(4). [Ord. 769 § 1, 1994.]

9.30.060 Uniformity.

This article provides for uniformity in the firearms laws applicable within the city limits and those that apply to the unincorporated areas of the county, and thus is necessary for the preservation of public safety and health. [Ord. 769 § 2, 1994.]