Chapter 12.10


12.10.010    Addressing system.

12.10.020    Numbers – Assignment and dimensions.

12.10.030    Numbers – Visibility.

12.10.010 Addressing system.

An urban addressing system shall be developed using the block grid system, with Pennsylvania Avenue and State Highway 903 (First Street) as the center points. [Ord. 755, 1993.]

12.10.020 Numbers – Assignment and dimensions.

Each city lot shall be assigned a number based on its location. Number plates shall be available at City Hall at no cost to structure owners, with a limit of one plate per address, although citizen’s own number plates may be used, providing that the numbers are at least two inches in height and of a contrasting color to the background upon which they are mounted. [Ord. 755, 1993.]

12.10.030 Numbers – Visibility.

Each structure or facility having a separate address shall have at least one set of numbers, or address plate, corresponding to that address, mounted in a position that is readily visible, and easily readable from the adjacent roadway. [Ord. 755, 1993.]