Chapter 19A.12


19A.12.010    Purpose.

19A.12.020    Preliminary approval of subdivisions and short subdivisions – Filing of final plat or final short plat.

19A.12.030    Limitations for short subdivisions.

19A.12.040    Revisions of preliminary short subdivisions and subdivisions.

19A.12.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to specify the requirements for the division of land through short subdivisions and subdivisions, in accordance with applicable Washington State and City of Sammamish laws, rules and regulations, including permit processing procedures required by SMC Title 20. (Ord. O2010-284 § 2 (Att. A))

19A.12.020 Preliminary approval of subdivisions and short subdivisions – Filing of final plat or final short plat.

(1) Preliminary subdivision approval shall be effective for the period of time set forth in RCW 58.17.140, as currently enacted or as may be subsequently amended, and preliminary short subdivision approval shall be effective for the same period of time as a subdivision approval. If any condition is not satisfied and/or the final plat or final short plat is not recorded within the approval period identified herein, the subdivision or short subdivision shall be null and void. If all conditions have been satisfied and all required documents have been submitted within the approval period, the department may grant a single extension of up to 90 days for the processing and recording of the final documents.

(2) Preliminary subdivision or short subdivision approval shall be considered the basis upon which the applicant may proceed toward development of the subdivision or short subdivision and preparation of the final plat or short plat subject to all the conditions of the preliminary approval.

(3) If the final plat is being developed in divisions, and final plats for all of the divisions have not been recorded within the time limits provided in this section, preliminary subdivision approval for all unrecorded divisions shall become void. The preliminary subdivision for any unrecorded divisions must again be submitted to the department with a new application, subject to the fees and regulations applicable at the time of submittal. (Ord. O2016-413 § 2 (Att. A); Ord. O2010-284 § 2 (Att. A))

19A.12.030 Limitations for short subdivisions.

(1) A maximum of nine lots may be created by a single application.

(2) An application for further division may not be submitted within five years after recording, except through the filing of a subdivision application or unless the short plat contains fewer than nine lots, in which case an alteration application may be submitted to create a cumulative total of up to nine lots within the original short plat boundary.

(3) A maximum of nine lots may be created from two or more contiguous parcels with any common ownership interest. (Ord. O2010-284 § 2 (Att. A))

19A.12.040 Revisions of preliminary short subdivisions and subdivisions.

Applications to revise short subdivisions or subdivisions that have received preliminary approval shall comply with the following:

(1) Revisions that result in any substantial changes, as determined by the department, shall be treated as a new application for purposes of vesting. Short subdivisions shall be reviewed as a Type 2 land use decision and subdivisions as a Type 3 land use decision pursuant to SMC 20.05.020. For the purpose of this section, substantial change includes the creation of additional lots, the elimination of open space, substantial change in access, drainage adjustment applications for projects subject to “full drainage review” or “large project drainage review” in Chapter 13.10 SMC, or changes to conditions of approval on an approved preliminary short subdivision or subdivision.

(2) Approval of the following modifications by the department shall not be considered revisions:

(a) Engineering design, unless the proposed design alters or eliminates features required as a condition of preliminary approval.

(b) Changes in lot or tract dimensions that are consistent with SMC Title 21A.

(c) A decrease in the number of lots to be created so long as the decrease allows for future compliance with the minimum density provisions of SMC Title 21A, if applicable.

(3) The department shall have the authority to administratively review and approve modifications described in subsection (2) of this section through review procedures established by the department. (Ord. O2021-533 § 2 (Att. B); Ord. O2010-284 § 2 (Att. A))