Title 21A


21A.05    Authority, Purpose, Interpretation and Administration

21A.10    Zones, Maps and Designations

21A.15    Technical Terms and Land Use Definitions

21A.20    Permitted Uses

21A.25    Development Standards – Density and Dimensions

21A.30    Development Standards – Design Requirements

21A.35    Development Standards – Landscaping and Irrigation

21A.37    Development Standards – Trees

21A.40    Development Standards – Parking and Circulation

21A.45    Signage

21A.50    Environmentally Critical Areas

21A.55    Wireless Communication Facilities

21A.60    Development Standards – Adequacy of Public Facilities and Services

21A.65    Development Standards – Animals, Home Occupation, Home Industry

21A.70    Nonconformance, Temporary Uses, and Re-Use of Facilities

21A.75    Residential Density Incentives

21A.80    Transfer of Development Rights

21A.85    Low Impact Development

21A.90    Application Requirements – Notice Methods

21A.95    Commercial Site Development Permits

21A.97    Development Permit Fees

21A.100    Review Procedures – Notice Requirements

21A.105    School Impact Fees

21A.110    Decision Criteria

21A.115    Enforcement