Chapter 23.40


23.40.010    Right of entry.

23.40.010 Right of entry.

The director is authorized to enter upon any property or premises at any reasonable time to determine whether a civil violation has occurred or is occurring, or to enforce any provision of the Sammamish Municipal Code or any City regulation, violation of which is a civil violation under this title. The director may make examinations, surveys, and studies as may be necessary in the performance of his or her duties. These may include the taking of photographs, digital images, videotapes, video images, audio recordings, samples, or other physical evidence. If the premises is occupied, the director shall first present credentials and request entry. If an owner, occupant, or agent refuses entry, the City may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction for a search warrant authorizing access. (Ord. O2011-302 §2 (Att. A))