Chapter 2.112


2.112.010    Establishment.

2.112.020    Chair.

2.112.030    Duties.

2.112.040    Veterans’ assistance fund.

2.112.050    Uniform rules.

2.112.060    Policies and procedures manual.

2.112.010 Establishment.

A. The San Juan County veterans’ advisory board is established and shall consist of nine members appointed by the San Juan County council for two-year terms, from January 1st through December 31st. Terms shall be staggered, with one-half of the terms expiring in an even year and one-half expiring in an odd year. Members must be current residents of San Juan County and must be honorably discharged veterans of the U.S. military, selected from among the San Juan County veterans’ community, and will represent as wide an array of military service as possible. In accordance with RCW 73.08.035(2), no fewer than a majority of the board members shall be members from nationally recognized veterans’ service organizations and only veterans are eligible to serve as board members.

B. All appointments for the purpose of filling vacancies on the board shall be for the remaining portion of the unexpired term. (Ord. 46-2007 § 1)

2.112.020 Chair.

The chair of the board shall be elected by the board members, unless a member of the County council sits as a member of the board, in which case, the council member will automatically assume the position of board chair. (Ord. 46-2007 § 2)

2.112.030 Duties.

The San Juan County veterans’ advisory board shall advise the San Juan County council on the needs of local indigent veterans, the resources available to local indigent veterans, and programs that could benefit the needs of local indigent veterans and their families. The veterans’ advisory board will prepare procedures for oversight and payment, which procedures will be approved by resolution of the County council after notice and opportunity to comment by the public. (Ord. 46-2007 § 3)

2.112.040 Veterans’ assistance fund.

The County council shall appropriate annually in the budget process the expenditures from the veterans’ assistance fund, including interest earned on balances from the fund, for those purposes set forth in RCW 73.08.080(1). The chair of the veterans’ advisory board may approve expenditures from the veterans’ assistance fund consistent with the annual appropriation and the procedures for payment. (Ord. 46-2007 § 4)

2.112.050 Uniform rules.

In conducting its business, the veterans’ advisory board shall follow the Uniform Business Rules, including the Rules of Procedure, unless other rules have been duly adopted by the County council. (Ord. 46-2007 § 5)

2.112.060 Policies and procedures manual.

The San Juan County council, recognizing the critical importance that veterans have available the emergency assistance as established by the San Juan County council and the San Juan County veterans’ advisory board, hereby adopts the San Juan County Veterans’ Assistance Fund – Policies and Procedures Manual for the veterans’ advisory board, attached to the resolution codified in this section as Exhibit A*. (Res. 10-2008)

*    Code reviser’s note: Exhibit A to Res. 10-2008 is on file in the office of the County council.