Chapter 2.23


2.23.010    Established.

2.23.020    Number – Qualification – Term.

2.23.030    Type of advice.

2.23.040    Uniform Rules.

2.23.010 Established.

In accordance with RCW 84.34.145, there is hereby established an agricultural tax advisory committee representing the active farming community within the County to serve in an advisory capacity to the County assessor in implementing assessment guidelines as established by the Department of Revenue for the assessment of open space, farm and agricultural lands, and timber lands classified under Chapter 84.34 RCW. (Res. 48-2012)

2.23.020 Number – Qualification – Term.

The agricultural tax advisory committee shall consist of five members, each of whom is a farmer in San Juan County. The term of service shall be one year. (Res. 48-2012)

2.23.030 Type of advice.

The advisory committee shall not give advice regarding the valuation or assessment of specific parcels of land. However, it may supply the assessor with advice on typical crops, land quality, and net cash rental assessments to assist the assessor in determining appropriate values. (Res. 48-2012)

2.23.040 Uniform Rules.

In conducting its business, the agricultural tax advisory committee shall abide by the San Juan County Uniform Business Rules, including the Rules of Procedure, as set forth in Chapter 2.116 SJCC, unless other rules have been duly adopted by the County council. For administrative purposes and reporting to the County council, the agricultural tax advisory committee will be considered a subcommittee of the agricultural resources committee. (Res. 48-2012)