Chapter 2.24


2.24.010    Established.

2.24.020    Purpose and goals.

2.24.010 Established.

The San Juan County council does hereby establish an agricultural resources committee (ARC) whose purpose shall be to advise the County council about issues which affect the agricultural environment of San Juan County by completing the tasks identified in SJCC 2.24.020. (Ord. 39-2007 § 2; Res. 56-2005)

2.24.020 Purpose and goals.

To achieve the protection and restoration of the agricultural resources of San Juan County, the ARC shall:

A. Powers and Duties.

1. Report to and advise the County council about regulatory, economic, land use, environmental, and educational matters so as to support and promote viable agricultural activities in San Juan County.

2. Advise the County council on specific efforts and projects that should be pursued to preserve and restore agriculture as a viable part of San Juan County’s economy.

3. Work with other agricultural resource committees or similar groups in the North Puget Sound Region to develop regional support for common issues that will benefit a broad segment of agriculture, and develop agricultural policies, programs and projects that can be duplicated and implemented in other North Puget Sound communities.

4. Address local and regional agricultural issues that relate to economic development, job retention and expansion, and recommend policies and implement programs that will retain, expand and diversify the economic viability of local agriculture.

5. Identify food security needs and recommend policies and implement programs to increase the availability, distribution and consumption of locally produced foods across all economic sectors of the population.

6. Encourage public participation in evaluating and developing agricultural policies, programs and projects.

7. Provide public outreach regarding the linkages between viable farms, local foods, and the rural landscape that attracts both residents and visitors to the islands.

8. In conducting its business, the ARC shall follow the Uniform Business Rules, including the Rules of Procedure, unless other rules have been duly adopted by the County council.

B. Membership. There shall be no more than 15 and not fewer than five members of the ARC. No less than 50 percent of membership must be farmers.

The ARC should attempt to include representation within the following sectors of the local community:

1. Relevant agricultural expertise;

2. Local produce farmers;

3. Local livestock farmers;

4. Local farmers market representative (either one from each or one representing all markets);

5. Affected/related economic interests (such as retail food businesses – restaurants, grocers, etc.);

6. San Juan County economic development council;

7. San Juan County conservation district;

8. San Juan County land bank, San Juan Preservation Trust or other local land trusts;

9. Island Grown Farmers Cooperative;

10. San Juan County granges (either one representative from each or one representing all granges);

11. WSU Extension;

12. Commercial forest landowner;

13. Citizens at large;

14. One representative from health and community services, who shall be an ex officio member. (Ord. 39-2007 § 3; Res. 56-2005 (Exh. A))