Chapter 2.25


2.25.010    Established.

2.25.020    Purpose.

2.25.030    Membership.

2.25.040    Meeting times.

2.25.010 Established.

The County council hereby establishes a nine-member building advisory council with membership, purpose and meeting times defined as follows in this chapter. (Ord. 11-2014 § 1; Ord. 24-2011 § 2; Ord. 1-2008 § 2; Ord. 9-1994)

2.25.020 Purpose.

The purpose of the building advisory council is:

A. To recommend to the County council and the building department suggestions regarding building code regulations through the development of new codes or legislation.

B. To recommend methods that could be implemented to improve and simplify County procedures for the permit application and issuance process.

C. To serve as a “sounding board” regarding building code issues and present forums on relevant construction issues.

D. To provide assistance in setting up meetings in a public forum to provide continuing education for the general public, architects, design professionals, contractors, consultants and County personnel and to instruct or discuss, through educational programs, existing or upcoming legislation and its impacts on the citizens of San Juan County. (Ord. 11-2014 § 1; Ord. 1-2008 § 3; Ord. 9-1994)

2.25.030 Membership.

The building advisory council shall consist of nine San Juan County residents appointed by the County council. The building advisory council will have County-wide representation with a distribution of qualifications and experience from the following sectors:

A. General or specialty contractors registered by the state of Washington.

B. Resident at large.

C. Resident with owner/builder permit experience that has constructed his/her own residence.

D. Employee of an in-County building material supply establishment.

E. Washington State licensed civil or structural engineer.

F. Washington State licensed architect.

G. Fire commissioner or fire chief from any official fire protection district in San Juan County.

H. Representative from a local affordable housing organization.

The term of membership shall be three years, with terms staggered so that the term of three members will expire on December 31st of each year. If a member vacates the position during the term, a new member shall be appointed to complete the unexpired portion of that term. If a member representative cannot be found for one of the sectors listed above, the council may elect to appoint an at-large member to serve for the remainder of an unexpired term or for a full term. A member of the building advisory council may be reappointed at the completion of a term. (Ord. 11-2014 § 1; Ord. 24-2011 § 3; Ord. 1-2008 § 4; Ord. 9-1994)

2.25.040 Meeting times.

This council shall meet at a minimum on a quarterly basis, and shall, in conducting its business, follow the Uniform Business Rules, including the Rules of Procedure, unless other rules have been adopted by the County council. (Ord. 11-2014 § 1; Ord. 1-2008 § 5; Ord. 9-1994)