Chapter 2.44


2.44.005    Establishment.

2.44.010    Repealed.

2.44.015    Purpose.

2.44.020    Repealed.

2.44.025    Membership and qualifications.

2.44.030    Repealed.

2.44.035    Term.

2.44.040    Repealed.

2.44.050    Repealed.

2.44.060    Repealed.

2.44.070    Goals and objectives.

2.44.080    Repealed.

2.44.090    Report to the County council.

2.44.100    Uniform Rules not applicable.

2.44.005 Establishment.

Pursuant to RCW 47.60.310, the Washington State Ferries has established an advisory committee for San Juan County. This committee is advisory to Washington State Ferries. The San Juan County council is the appointing authority. (Ord. 15-2011 § 2)

2.44.010 Established – Purpose and responsibilities.

Repealed by Ord. 15-2011. (Ord. 14-2008 § 2; Res. 33-1985)

2.44.015 Purpose.

The ferry advisory committee will provide information to the Washington State Ferries on all of the subjects provided by statute and to the San Juan County council as provided in this chapter. The ferry advisory committee will assist the Washington State Ferries review of services by soliciting and obtaining expressions from local community groups in order to be properly informed as to problems being experienced within the San Juan Islands and International Service to Sidney, British Columbia. The County council desires that the ferry advisory committee be responsible to provide local expressions regarding to the Washington State Ferries on subjects such as safety, tariffs, service, scheduling, economic health, vessel allocation, vessel schedules, dock and dock facility adequacy and arrangements, and vessel maintenance. (Ord. 15-2011 § 3)

2.44.020 Organization.

Repealed by Ord. 15-2011. (Ord. 14-2008 § 3; Ord. 10-1995; Res. 33-1985)

2.44.025 Membership and qualifications.

There shall be five members of the ferry advisory committee. There shall be one member who resides on each of the ferry served islands of Orcas, San Juan, Lopez and Shaw Island. At least one person appointed to the advisory committee shall be representative of an established ferry-user group or of frequent users of the ferry system, at least one shall be representative of persons or firms using or depending upon the ferry system for commerce, and one member shall be a member of the local legislative body and in that capacity be a representative of the county government planning body. Every member shall be a resident of San Juan County, and not more than three members shall at the time of their appointment be members of the same major political party. (Ord. 15-2011 § 4)

2.44.030 Terms – Vacancies.

Repealed by Ord. 15-2011. (Ord. 14-2008 § 4; Res. 33-1985)

2.44.035 Term.

The term of each position is four years and expires on June 30th. Each position shall be staggered so that one member’s term expires on June 30th of each year. All members shall serve without fee or compensation. All members are entitled to reimbursement for travel expenses in accordance with the County travel policy when attending meetings out of the County. (Ord. 15-2011 § 5)

2.44.040 Residency requirements.

Repealed by Ord. 15-2011. (Ord. 14-2008 § 5; Res. 33-1985)

2.44.050 Selection of officers.

Repealed by Ord. 15-2011. (Ord. 14-2008 § 6; Res. 33-1985)

2.44.060 Compensation for expenses.

Repealed by Ord. 15-2011. (Res. 33-1985)

2.44.070 Goals and objectives.

A. The County council desires that the principal goal of the ferry advisory committee is the assurance of optimum state ferry service to County residents and business communities at maximum efficiency and lowest possible cost. Such service levels should be based upon the solicited desires of this County’s citizens.

B. In attaining this goal, it is the responsibility of the committee to maintain active and continuing communication with representatives of the State Department of Transportation, Marine Division, in all matters relative to ferry service directly related to the San Juan Islands.

C. Specifically, the ferry advisory committee shall:

1. Participate, on an ongoing basis, with state ferry management in the development, implementation and improvement of service schedules proposed for the San Juans, including the Sidney, B.C., run, vessel assignments, tariff change proposals, facilities management and economic impact studies.

2. Review, conduct meetings with the public on and make recommendations regarding all seasonal schedule programs as proposed by the state ferry system. Such public meetings are to occur with legal public notice. Such meetings will be well advertised in advance, with the public encouraged to attend. Public participation and general comments and discussions will be encouraged and be rotated among the ferry-served islands. The County council will be promptly briefed on all reviews, modifications, and recommendations that are made to WSF.

3. Monitor traffic statistics, system financial status and local ongoing traffic problems in an effort to promote optimum efficiency of service relative to demand and availability, manpower, and economic conditions.

4. Assist terminal agents in seeking prompt resolution of problems experienced with respect to overload situations, extensive waiting periods, traveler problems and vessel delays.

5. Participate directly with community agencies, chambers of commerce, other business and social groups and concerned local activities relative to service needs, problems and economic impact of service and rate alterations.

6. When appropriate and possible, attend governmental public meetings that affect the San Juans service area.

7. Maintain necessary communication with other system-wide ferry user groups, advisory committees, legislative representatives and transportation commission members relative to problems and needs affecting the San Juans service area.

8. Conduct committee meetings as often as necessary to successfully perform assigned duties of the advisory committee. Meetings to consider initial review and recommendations regarding changes to schedules, tariffs, and responses to urgent requests from Washington State Ferries may be conducted by telephone and email; provided, that every recommendation to Washington State Ferries is reported to the County council at its next regularly scheduled meeting and to the public at the next regularly scheduled public meeting of the ferry advisory committee. All meetings are to be called by the chair.

9. Ensure fair and impartial consideration of County residents’ welfare in all ferry-related matters, specifically in the areas of rate structure, service quality, economic hardships/requirements, terminal facility management and levels of service.

10. Promote positive and thoughtful cooperation with individuals within the appropriate state entities in the resolution of problems affecting the San Juan County service area, to include (a) providing necessary assistance in the conduct of public hearings/meetings, (b) participating in joint “fact finding” missions and discussions with the County council and ferry management and (c) reporting and following up on individual rider-oriented complaints and requests for assistance and service improvements.

11. Promptly bring to the attention of the County council issues relating to current or future ferry operations which may require action by the council. (Ord. 15-2011 § 6; Ord. 14-2008 § 7; Res. 33-1985)

2.44.080 Charter review.

Repealed by Ords. 14-2008 and 15-2011. (Res. 33-1985)

2.44.090 Report to the County council.

The County council member on the ferry advisory committee will provide periodic reports to the County council of activities of the committee. (Ord. 15-2011 § 7)

2.44.100 Uniform Rules not applicable.

In conducting its business the ferry advisory committee is not bound to Sections 2.116.070, 2.116.080, 2.116.090 of the Uniform Business Rules for County Committees. (Ord. 15-2011 § 8)