Chapter 2.76


2.76.010    Purpose.

2.76.020    Personnel manual – Contents and maintenance.

2.76.030    Personnel manual – Adoption.

2.76.040    Personnel manual – Changes.

2.76.050    Personnel department – Function.

2.76.060    Personnel department – Duties.

2.76.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish goals and policies for the relations between the County and its employees. These are:

A. To provide service to the community through a capable and knowledgeable team of public servants;

B. To maintain a system for career development and utilization;

C. To maintain a single personnel system for all County employees;

D. To delegate specific functions in this regard to the personnel department and/or personnel director whenever appropriate; and

E. To provide for maintaining specific personnel rules and regulations in a personnel manual. (Res. 1-1989; Res. 166-1979, § 1. Formerly 2.24.010)

2.76.020 Personnel manual – Contents and maintenance.

The personnel manual is a manual of rules and regulations setting out procedures to govern all pertinent personnel matters within the County. Procedures included in the personnel manual will be binding on all public officials and employees of the County. The official personnel manual specimen copy shall be maintained by the clerk of the board of County commissioners and shall consist of the manual as originally adopted and amended by resolution of the board of commissioners. Each department shall maintain a current copy of the manual and all employees or applicants for employment with the County shall have access to it. (Res. 1-1989; Res. 166-1979, § 2. Formerly 2.24.020)

2.76.030 Personnel manual – Adoption.

The personnel manual shall be adopted as a resolution by the board of County commissioners. (Res. 166-1979, § 3. Formerly 2.24.030)

2.76.040 Personnel manual – Changes.

Additions, deletions or amendments to the personnel manual will be drafted by the personnel director and submitted to the board of commissioners for their review and approval, change or veto. Alterations of the personnel manual may be made only by resolution of the board of commissioners. The board shall take action on proposed changes within 30 days of its receipt of any such proposed changes. (Res. 1-1989; Res. 166-1979, § 4. Formerly 2.24.040)

2.76.050 Personnel department – Function.

The personnel department shall function in an advisory capacity to the board of County commissioners for the purpose of developing and overseeing personnel policies and personnel actions within the County. (Res. 1-1989; Res. 166-1979, § 5; Res. 24-1976. Formerly 2.24.050 (a))

2.76.060 Personnel department – Duties.

The duties of the personnel department include developing procedures for the following:

A. Administration of the classification plan;

B. Standards for recruiting and selection of employees;

C. Effecting uniformity and compatibility within County departments including:

1. Examination procedures,

2. Procedures for appointment, promotion, transfer, reinstatements, suspensions and discharges;

D. Providing suitable procedures for grievance and appeal;

E. Maintaining the personnel manual;

F. Monitoring and reporting to the board of commissioners upon all matters relating to application and enforcement of the County ordinances pertaining to personnel matters and the personnel manual, or on other matters which may be in the interest of good personnel administration. (Res. 1-1989; Res. 166-1979, § 5; Res. 24-1976. Formerly 2.24.050 (b))