Chapter 2.88


2.88.010    Approval – Incorporation.

2.88.020    Auditor’s duties.

2.88.030    Effective date.

2.88.010 Approval – Incorporation.

It is resolved by the County council that such plan of the Washington State Retirement Board which has been approved by the Governor of the state of Washington for extending Federal Old Age and Survivors Insurance to employees of the County is accepted and approved in its entirety and incorporated in this section by reference as if fully set forth. (Ord. 44-2007 § 2; Res. 27-1955. Formerly 2.20.010)

2.88.020 Auditor’s duties.

The County auditor is designated as the officer to administer such accounting, reporting and other functions as will be required for the effective operation of such plan, as adopted in SJCC 2.88.010, under the supervision of the Commissioner of Employment Security, or such other officer as the Governor may designate. (Res. 27-1955. Formerly 2.20.020)

2.88.030 Effective date.

Subject to approval of a majority of the employees of the County at a referendum conducted in the manner provided by law, the first day of January, 1956, is the effective date of Federal Old Age and Survivors Insurance for employees of the County. (Res. 27-1955. Formerly 2.20.030)