Chapter 17.40


17.40.010    Purpose

17.40.020    Standards

17.40.030    Lighting of Sports Fields

17.40.010 Purpose

This chapter specifies standards for walkways, bikeways and parks to increase safety and also limit the impact on surrounding properties. (Ord. 03-1033 § 11)

17.40.020 Standards

Where lighting is to be provided for walkways, bikeways, or parks, the following requirements shall apply:

A.    The walkway, pathway, or ground area shall be illuminated to a level of at least three-tenths (0.3) footcandles and no more than five-tenths (0.5) footcandles.

B.    The vertical illumination levels at a height of five (5) feet above grade shall be at least three-tenths (0.3) and no more than five-tenths (0.5) footcandles.

C.    Lighting fixtures shall be designed to direct light downward, and light sources shall have an initial output of no more than one thousand (1,000) lumens.

D.    Lighting shall be consistent with the IESNA Handbook, Chapter 22 and Figure 22-11. (Ord. 03-1033 § 11)

17.40.030 Lighting of Sports Fields

Sports fields shall be lighted in accordance with the standards specified by the IESNA Handbook, Chapter 20. (Ord. 03-1033 § 11)