Chapter 6.16


6.16.010    License fees.

6.16.020    Registration fees.

6.16.030    Impound fees and costs.

6.16.040    Reasonable costs – Determination.

6.16.050    Waiver of fees and costs.

6.16.060    Adopted dogs and cats.

6.16.010 License fees.

The following fees shall be as established by resolution for each license:

A. Neutered or spayed dog – One-year license;

B. Nonneutered or nonspayed dog – One-year license;

C. Neutered or spayed dog – Three-year license;

D. Nonneutered and nonspayed dog – Three-year license;

E. Spayed or neutered dog – Lifetime license;

F. Spayed or neutered and microchipped dog, or certified assist dog for the disabled – Lifetime license;

G. Impounded dogs (unlicensed);

H. Cats – One-year license;

I. Cats – Current rabies certificate presented at time of licensing; (Free renewal for spayed and neutered cats with proof of rabies vaccination.)

J. Late penalty (all licenses);

K. Additional fee for replacement tag;

L. Service fee (private licensing outlet);

M. Commercial kennel or cattery, per year;

N. Private kennel;

O. Private cattery (more than 10 cats).

License fees may be reduced, upon the request of the owner at the time the license is purchased, by 50 percent upon presentation of an AKC good citizenship certificate for the animal. (Ord. 2005-029 § 2; Ord. 99-007)

6.16.020 Registration fees.

The following fees, as established by resolution, shall be charged annually for each dog registered:

A. Potentially dangerous dog – Initial registration;

B. Potentially dangerous dog – Renewal;

C. Dangerous dog – Initial registration;

D. Dangerous dog – Renewal;

E. Late penalty;

F. Additional fee for replacement tag. (Ord. 2005-029 § 2; Ord. 99-007)

6.16.030 Impound fees and costs.

The following fees and costs shall be as established by resolution for each animal impounded:

A. Impound Fees.

1. First redemption within a 12-month period;

2. Second redemption within a 12-month period;

3. Third or subsequent redemption within a 12-month period;

4. Potentially dangerous dog;

5. Dangerous dog;

6. Livestock per each animal;

7. Inherently dangerous animal.

B. Transportation Costs.

1. Animals transported by the animal control officer;

2. Animals transported by others.

C. Daily Boarding Costs.

1. Animals boarded at the city shelter;

2. Animal requiring specialized care;

3. Animals boarded by others.

D. Euthanasia Costs.

1. Animals humanely euthanized at the city shelter;

2. Animal humanely euthanized by others.

E. Disposal Costs.

1. Animals disposed of at the city shelter;

2. Animals disposed of by others.

F. Veterinarian costs (includes medications).

G. Rabies vaccination. (Ord. 2005-029 § 2; Ord. 99-007)

6.16.040 Reasonable costs – Determination.

The director shall have the authority to determine what transportation, boarding, euthanasia, disposal, and veterinarian costs are reasonable in connection with services provided to the city by any agent of the animal control authority. (Ord. 99-007)

6.16.050 Waiver of fees and costs.

The director or his/her designees shall have the authority to waive licensing fees, registration fees, and impound fees and costs, in whole or part, when to do so would further the goals of the animal control authority and be in the public interest. In determining whether a waiver should apply, the following elements must be taken into consideration:

A. The reason the animal was impounded;

B. The reason or basis for the violation, the nature of the violation, the duration of the violation, and the likelihood the violation will not recur;

C. The total amount of the fees charged as compared with the gravity of the violation;

D. The effect on the owner, the animal’s welfare and the animal control authority if the fees and costs are not waived and no payment is received. (Ord. 99-007)

6.16.060 Adopted dogs and cats.

The animal shelter shall develop and maintain procedures to ensure that all adopted dogs and cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated for rabies, and licensed. It shall be the responsibility of each adopter to spay or neuter, vaccinate and license each adopted dog and/or cat. Failure of the adopter to comply within 15 days of adoption or when the adopted animal reaches the age of six months shall be a civil violation and may result in the impound of the adopted animal. (Ord. 99-007)