Chapter 8.24


8.24.010    Pyrotechnic devices.

8.24.020    Black powder or smokeless powder – Ammunition.

8.24.030    Gun shows.

8.24.040    Fireworks sales activities.

8.24.010 Pyrotechnic devices.

The use of any pyrotechnic devices as defined in RCW 70.74.010 shall be prohibited on or in all city-owned property unless specifically approved in writing by the city fire marshal with seven days’ notice to the city council and written approval by the city council. (Ord. 2013-004 § 1(1))

8.24.020 Black powder or smokeless powder – Ammunition.

No black powder or smokeless powder shall be sold in or during a special event on or in city property. No loose ammunition may be displayed or sold at such event on city property. Boxed ammunition may be sold if permitted by the applicant. (Ord. 2013-004 § 1(2))

8.24.030 Gun shows.

Gun shows on city property, at which gun sales are to occur, shall have all firearms, including antique firearms, made inoperable through the use of locks, “zip ties” or other devices to prevent the firearm from being loaded or discharged at the gun show. Sales by licensed firearms dealers at such shows on city property may be permitted if permitted by the applicant. Sales by persons who have not been issued a valid federal firearms license may not be permitted at such gun shows on city property. (Ord. 2013-004 § 1(3))

8.24.040 Fireworks sales activities.

Fireworks sales activities shall, in addition, comply with Chapter 8.20 SMC and Chapter 70.77 RCW as now enacted or as hereafter amended. (Ord. 2013-004 § 1(4))