Chapter 9.32


9.32.010    Delinquency.

9.32.020    Runaways.

9.32.030    Leaving minors unattended.

9.32.040    Intoxicating liquor – Unlawful for minors to purchase.

9.32.010 Delinquency.

It is unlawful in all cases where any minor is delinquent for the parent, legal guardian or person having custody of such minor, or any other person, by any act, to encourage, cause or contribute to the delinquency of such minor. (Ord. 357 § 9(2), 1977)

9.32.020 Runaways.

It is unlawful for any person to aid or abet any juvenile running away from home, or to furnish such juvenile a place to stay without first notifying the child’s parents or guardian of his whereabouts, or notifying the appropriate juvenile authority. (Ord. 357 § 9(3), 1977)

9.32.030 Leaving minors unattended.

No person having the care and custody, whether temporary or permanent, of minor children under the age of 12 years, may leave such minor child unattended. (Ord. 357 § 11(2), 1977)

9.32.040 Intoxicating liquor – Unlawful for minors to purchase.

A. In this chapter the term “intoxicating liquors” includes the four varieties of liquor commonly known as alcohol, spirits, wine and beer, and all fermented, spirituous, vinous or malt liquor, or combinations thereof, and mixed liquor, a part of which is fermented, spirituous, vinous or malt liquor, or otherwise intoxicating; and every liquid or solid or semisolid or other substance, patented or not, containing alcohol, spirits, wine or beer, and all drinks or drinkable liquids and all preparations or mixtures capable of human consumption, and any liquid, semisolid, solid or other substance which contains more than one percent of alcohol by weight, which substances shall be conclusively deemed to be intoxicating.

B. Except in the case of liquor given to a person under the age of 21 years by his parent, guardian, physician or dentist for medicinal purposes, no person shall give or otherwise supply liquor to any person under the age of 21 years or permit any person under that age to consume liquor on his premises or on any premises under his control, and it shall be unlawful for any person under the age of 21 years to purchase or attempt to purchase, consume or possess liquor as defined in this section. (Ord. 195, 1963)