Title 13


Division I. Water System

13.04    Administration and Enforcement

13.08    Definitions

13.12    Application for Service

13.16    Water Service Regulations

13.20    Water System Regulations

13.24    Water Meters

Division II. Sewer System

13.28    General Provisions

13.32    Definitions and Standards

13.36    Administration and Enforcement

13.40    Sewer Connection Required

13.44    Sewer Connection Permits

13.48    Public Sewer Use Regulations

13.52    Sewer Maintenance Regulations

13.56    Repair and Construction Regulations

13.60    Side Sewer Regulations

13.64    Storm Drainage

Division III. Rates and Charges for Water and Sewer Service

13.68    General Provisions

13.72    Installation and Connection Fees

13.76    Fees for Connection to Mains

13.80    Sewer Rates and Charges

13.84    Water Rates and Charges

13.92    Water Shut-Off, Reconnection (Turn-On) and Water Standby Charges

13.96    Enforcement

Division IV. Utility Extensions

13.98    Developer Reimbursement Collection Agreements

13.100    Utility Extensions

13.102    Service Extension Review Process (SERP)

13.103    Utility Oversizing

Division V. Stormwater Management

13.104    Stormwater Management

13.108    Stormwater Maintenance

Division VI. Reclaimed Water

13.112    Reclaimed Water

Division VII. Cross-Connections

13.120    Cross-Connections