Chapter 2.48


2.48.010    Firemen enrolled—State provisions—Number covered.

2.48.020    Enrollment of volunteer firemen.

2.48.030    City payments to state ordered.

2.48.040    Board of trustees established—Power.

*    For statutory provisions on enrollment of firemen in state relief and pension provisions, see RCW 41.24.020; for provisions limiting membership in city volunteer fire departments, see RCW 41.24.050; for provisions on fire department board of trustees, see RCW 41.24.060—41.24.110.

2.48.010 Firemen enrolled—State provisions—Number covered.

Every fireman, both paid firemen and volunteer firemen, of the city of Shelton shall be enrolled under the relief and compensation provisions of Chapter 261 of the 1945 Session Laws of the state of Washington (RCW Chapter 41.24), for the purpose of providing protection for all such firemen and their families from death or disability arising from the performance of their duties as firemen; provided volunteer members of the fire department shall not exceed twenty-five firemen for each one thousand population or fraction thereof, and provided further, that in no case shall the membership of the fire department of the city be less than fifteen firemen. (Prior code § 2.44.010)

2.48.020 Enrollment of volunteer firemen.

The volunteer members of the fire department shall be permitted to enroll under the provisions of Ch. 41.24, RCW and thereby to avail themselves of the benefits of said chapter; provided, however, that any member so enrolling shall pay amounts as required by said chapter prior to the first day of March of each year; provided further, that if said member does not contribute such portion of the annual fee he shall be dropped from the rolls subject to the right of reinstatement in the manner provided by statute. (Ord. 758, 1967)

2.48.030 City payments to state ordered.

The city of Shelton shall, on or before the first day of March of each and every year thereafter, pay to the treasurer of the state of Washington such amounts as may be due under said Chapter 261 of the 1945 Session Laws of the state of Washington (RCW Chapter 41.24). (Prior code § 2.44.020)

2.48.040 Board of trustees established—Power.

There is created and established a board of trustees for the administration of said Chapter 261 of the 1945 Session Laws of the state of Washington (RCW Chapter 41.24), which board shall consist of the mayor and chairman of the board of the city council of the city of Shelton, and the city treasurer-clerk, and one member of the fire department to be elected by the members of the city of Shelton fire department, having a term of one year and annually thereafter. Such board of trustees shall perform their duties as provided by law. The board of trustees shall have the power to make provisions for the employment of a regularly licensed practicing physician for examination of members of the fire department making application for membership, at a fee of three dollars for each fireman examined, which said physician shall visit and examine all sick and injured firemen, and perform his other duties as required by law. A majority of the board of trustees shall constitute a quorum, and no business shall be transacted when a majority is not present, and no claims shall be allowed when a majority of the board does not vote in favor thereof. (Ord. 1921-0518 (part), 2018; prior code § 2.44.030)