Chapter 2.68


2.68.010    Social security participation and contributions authorized.

2.68.020    State retirement system—Participation authorized.

2.68.030    Transmission of evidence of approval.

*    For statutory provisions on acceptance by the state of federal social security for municipal employees, see Chs. 41.47 and 41.48 RCW; for provisions on the state employees’ retirement system, see Ch. 41.40 RCW.

2.68.010 Social security participation and contributions authorized.

A.    The city council does ordain that this municipality become a participant in the social security system and that the benefits of old age and survivors’ insurance be extended to its employees and officers, not covered by the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems or other “qualified plan” as defined by IRS Revenue Procedure 91-40.

B.    The city council does further ordain that this municipality participate in the benefits of the Medicare portion of social security for all employees and officers deemed eligible by the Social Security Administration.

C.    The mayor and the city treasurer are authorized to execute and deliver to the Washington State Department of Employment Security for its approval the plan or plans required under the provisions of Section 5 of said enabling act and of the Social Security Act to extend coverage to the employees and officers of this municipality not covered by a qualified retirement plan and to do all other things necessary to that end.

D.    The city treasurer is authorized to make all required payments into the contribution fund established by the enabling act and to establish such system of payroll deductions from the salaries of employees and officers as may be necessary to their coverage under said old age and survivors’ insurance system.

E.    The proper officials of the municipality shall do all things necessary to the continued implementation of said system. (Ord. 1921-0518 (part), 2018; Ord. 1639-0305 § 1 (part), 2005: prior code § 2.56.010)

2.68.020 State retirement system—Participation authorized.

The city does authorize and approve the membership and participation in the state employees’ retirement system of its eligible employees as provided for by Chapter 274, Laws of 1947 of the state of Washington (Chapter 41.40 RCW), as amended. (Ord. 1639-0305 § 1 (part), 2005: prior code § 2.56.020)

2.68.030 Transmission of evidence of approval.

The treasurer of the city of Shelton is directed to transmit a certified copy of this chapter to the retirement board of said system as evidence of such authorization and approval. (Ord. 1639-0305 § 1 (part), 2005: Ord. 1567-0602 (part), 2002; prior code § 2.56.030)