Title 3


3.01    Fees and Charges Generally

3.02    Utility Billings, Delinquent Charges and Liens

3.04    City Funds

3.10    Administrative Provisions for City of Shelton Taxes

3.30    Cable Television Utility Tax

3.38    Electric Public Utility District Tax

3.39    Gas Distribution Tax

3.40    Gambling Tax

3.41    Excise Tax on Real Estate Sales

3.42    Leasehold Excise Tax

3.44    Tax on Furnishing of Lodging

3.45    Sales or Use Tax

3.46    Additional Sales or Use Tax

3.48    Telephone Business and Occupation Tax

3.51    Utility Tax

3.52    Business and Occupation Tax

3.56    Zoning and Subdivisions Fees

3.60    Bonds and Obligations Registration

3.64    Brokered Gas Use Tax