Chapter 8.04


8.04.010    Powers.

8.04.020    Salary.

*    For statutory provisions requiring creation of the office of city health officers, see RCW 35.23.150; for provisions on powers and duties of local health officers, see RCW 7.05.070.

8.04.010 Powers.

The city health officer of the city of Shelton shall have supervision over all matters pertaining to the life and health of the inhabitants of said city subject to the supervision and control of the state board of health. He shall have power to order the abatement or removal of any nuisance detrimental to the public health and if such nuisance is not promptly removed, to cause its abatement or removal at the expense of the property on which the said nuisance is maintained, said expenses if not promptly paid to be collected with costs by due process of law.

He shall cause proper measures to be taken to prevent, suppress or control any dangerous, contagious or infectious disease that may occur within the city and shall make such reports of all contagious or infectious diseases occurring within the city as may be required by law of the state of Washington. He shall upon the appearance of any dangerous, contagious or infectious disease within the city of Shelton immediately investigate all circumstances surrounding such disease, take such measures for the prevention and control of such disease as may be needful and proper. He shall have power to remove to and restrain in a pest house or isolation hospital or to quarantine and isolate any person with a dangerous or infectious disease until such sick person shall have entirely recovered and been disinfected. He shall have the power to quarantine, isolate, restrain, vaccinate or disinfect any person exposed to any dangerous, contagious or infectious disease in such manner and for such time as he may deem best or in accordance with law. He shall disinfect any room, house or buildings and contents thereof or any clothing, bedding, furniture or other articles that may be infected, in such manner that the danger of conveying any disease by such means shall be destroyed. He shall have power to execute, perform and carry out all things necessary for the preservation and protection of the public health and not contrary to law or ordinance. (Prior code § 8.04.010)

8.04.020 Salary.

The city health officer shall receive for his services such salary as shall be fixed by the city council. (Ord. 1921-0518 (part), 2018; prior code § 8.04.020)