Chapter 8.28


8.28.010    Leaving merchandise, lumber, upon sidewalks or streets—Penalty.

*    For statutory provisions authorizing cities of the second class to declare and abate a nuisance, see RCW 35.23.440(11); for provisions authorizing cities to regulate the use of sidewalks, see RCW 35.21.220; for provisions authorizing prevention of filth on streets in cities of the second class, see RCW 35.23.440(14).

8.28.010 Leaving merchandise, lumber, upon sidewalks or streets—Penalty.

Any person who shall cause, suffer or permit any goods, wares, merchandise, lumber or other building material, or things of whatsoever kind to remain upon the sidewalks or in any of the streets or alleys of the city for more than twenty-four hours without having obtained permission from the council, shall be deemed guilty of creating or maintaining a nuisance and upon conviction shall be fined in any sum not exceeding twenty-five dollars. (Ord. 1921-0518 (part), 2018; prior code § 9.32.070)