Chapter 9.02


9.02.010    Statutory provisions—Adopted by reference—Scope.

9.02.020    Classification of offenses.

9.02.030    Statutory provisions—Amendments of changes included.

9.02.010 Statutory provisions—Adopted by reference—Scope.

The following statutes are adopted by reference as and for a portion of the criminal ordinance of this city as if set forth in full in this chapter; provided, that any crimes referenced in the following provisions that are classified as felonies are not subject to prosecution by the municipal court:

Preliminary Article

RCW 9A.04.020    Purposes—Principles of construction

RCW 9A.04.030    State criminal jurisdiction

RCW 9A.04.050    People capable of committing crimes—Capability of children

RCW 9A.04.060    Common law to supplement statute

RCW 9A.04.070    Who amenable to criminal statutes

RCW 9A.04.080    Limitation of actions

RCW 9A.04.090    Application of general provisions of the code

RCW 9A.04.100    Proof beyond a reasonable doubt

RCW 9A.04.110    Definitions

Principles of Liability

RCW 9A.08.010    General requirements of culpability

RCW 9A.08.020    Liability for conduct of another—Complicity

RCW 9A.08.030    Corporate and personal liability

Anticipatory Crimes

RCW 9A.28.020    Criminal attempt

RCW 9A.28.030    Criminal solicitation

RCW 9A.28.040    Criminal conspiracy


RCW 9A.12.010    Insanity


RCW 9A.16.010    Definitions

RCW 9A.16.020    Use of force—When lawful

RCW 9A.16.060    Duress

RCW 9A.16.070    Entrapment

RCW 9A.16.080    Action for being detained on mercantile establishment premises for investigation—“Reasonable grounds” as defense

RCW 9A.16.090    Intoxication

RCW 9A.16.100    Use of force on children—Policy—Actions presumed unreasonable

Crimes Against Persons

RCW 9.91.060    Leaving children unattended in parked automobile

RCW 9A.36.041    Assault in the fourth degree

RCW 9A.36.050    Reckless endangerment

RCW 9A.36.070    Coercion

RCW 9A.40.010    Definitions [Custodial Interference]

RCW 9A.40.070    Custodial interference in the second degree

RCW 9A.40.080    Custodial interference—Assessment of costs—Defense—Consent defense, restricted

RCW 9A.42.005    Findings and intent—Christian Science treatment—Rules of evidence [Criminal Mistreatment]

RCW 9A.42.010    Definitions [Criminal Mistreatment]

RCW 9A.42.035    Criminal mistreatment in the third degree

RCW 9A.42.037    Criminal mistreatment in the fourth degree

RCW 9A.42.080    Abandonment of a dependent person in the third degree—Exception

RCW 9A.42.090    Abandonment of a dependent person—Defense

RCW 9A.42.110    Leaving a child in the care of a sex offender


RCW 9.61.230    Telephone harassment

RCW 9.61.240    Telephone harassment—Permitting telephone to be used

RCW 9.61.250    Telephone harassment—Offense, where deemed committed

RCW 9.61.260    Cyberstalking

RCW 9.91.010    Denial of civil rights—Terms defined

RCW 9A.46.010    Legislative finding

RCW 9A.46.020    Definition—Penalties

RCW 9A.46.030    Place where committed

RCW 9A.46.040    Court-ordered requirements upon person charged with crime—Violation

RCW 9A.46.050    Arraignment—No-contact order

RCW 9A.46.060    Crimes included in harassment

RCW 9A.46.070    Enforcement of orders restricting contact

RCW 9A.46.080    Order restricting contact—Violation

RCW 9A.46.090    Nonliability of peace officer

RCW 9A.46.100    “Convicted,” time when

RCW 9A.46.110    Stalking

RCW 28B.10.901    Hazing prohibited—Penalty

Crimes Against Property

RCW 9A.48.010    Definitions

RCW 9A.48.050    Reckless burning in the second degree

RCW 9A.48.060    Reckless burning—Defense

RCW 9A.48.090    Malicious mischief in the third degree

RCW 9A.48.100    Malicious mischief—“Physical damage” defined

RCW 9A.52.070    Criminal trespass in the first degree

RCW 9A.52.080    Criminal trespass in the second degree

RCW 9A.52.090    Criminal trespass—Defenses

RCW 9A.52.120    Computer trespass in the second degree

RCW 9A.52.130    Computer trespass—Commission of other crime


RCW 9.91.010    Denial of civil rights—Terms defined

RCW 9.91.140    Food stamps—Unlawful sale

RCW 9.91.142    Food Stamps—Trafficking

RCW 9A.52.010    Definitions (Burglary and Trespass)

RCW 9A.52.040    Interference of intent

RCW 9A.52.060    Making or having burglar tools

RCW 9A.52.100    Vehicle prowling in the second degree

RCW 9A.56.010    Definitions

RCW 9A.56.020    Theft—Definition, defense

RCW 9A.56.050    Theft in the third degree

RCW 9A.56.060    Unlawful issuance of check or drafts

RCW 9A.56.063    Making or possessing motor vehicle theft tools

RCW 9A.56.096    Theft of rental, leased, or lease/purchased property

RCW 9A.56.100    Theft and larceny equated

RCW 9A.56.140    Possessing stolen property—Definition—Presumption

RCW 9A.56.170    Possessing stolen property in the third degree

RCW 9A.56.180    Obscuring the identity of a machine

RCW 9A.56.220    Theft of subscription television services

RCW 9A.56.240    Forfeiture and disposal of device used to commit violation

RCW 9A.56.260    Connection of channel converter

RCW 9A.56.270    Shopping cart theft

RCW 9A.56.330    Possession of another’s identification

RCW 9A.60.010    Definitions (Fraud)

RCW 9A.60.045    Criminal impersonation in the second degree

RCW 9A.60.050    False certification

RCW 9A.61.010    Definitions (Defrauding a Public Utility)

RCW 9A.61.020    Defrauding a public utility

RCW 9A.61.050    Defraud a public utility in the third degree

RCW 9A.61.060    Restitution and costs

RCW 9A.61.070    Damages not precluded

RCW 19.48.110    Obtaining hotel, restaurant, lodging house, ski area, etc., accommodations by fraud—Penalty

RCW 19.194.030    Prohibited acts—Gross misdemeanor (Trade-in or Exchange of Computer Hardware)

RCW 46.61.740    Theft of motor vehicle fuel

RCW 46.80.110    License penalties, civil fines, criminal penalties

Domestic Violence

RCW 9A.36.150    Interference with the reporting of domestic violence

RCW 10.99.010    Purpose—Intent

RCW 10.99.020    Definitions (Domestic Violence—Official Response)

RCW 10.99.030    Law enforcement officers—Training, powers, duties—Domestic violence reports

RCW 10.99.040    Duties of court—No-contact order

RCW 10.99.045    Appearances by defendant—No-contact order

RCW 10.99.050    Victim contact—Restrictions, prohibition—Violation, penalties—Written order—Procedures—Notice of change

RCW 10.99.055    Enforcement of orders

RCW 10.99.060    Prosecutor’s notice to victim—Description of available procedures

RCW 10.99.070    Liability of peace officers

RCW 10.99.080    Penalty assessment

RCW 26.09.300    Restraining orders—Notice—Refusal to comply—Arrest—Penalty—Defense—Peace officers, immunity

RCW 26.10.220    Restraining orders—Notice—Refusal to comply—Arrest—Penalty—Defense—Peace officers, immunity

RCW 26.44.010    Declaration of purpose

RCW 26.44.015    Limitations of chapter

RCW 26.44.020    Definitions (Abuse of Children)

RCW 26.44.030    Reports—Duty and authority to make—Duty of receiving agency—Duty to notify—Case planning and consultation—Penalty for unauthorized exchange of information—Filing dependency petitions—Interviews of children—Records—Risk assessment process

RCW 26.44.040    Reports—Oral, written—contents

RCW 26.44.060    Immunity from civil or criminal liability—Confidential communications not violated—Actions against state not affected—False report, penalty

RCW 26.44.063    Temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction—Enforcement—Notice of modification or termination of restraining order

RCW 26.44.067    Temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction—Contents—Notice—Noncompliance—Defense—Penalty

RCW 26.44.080    Violation—Penalty

RCW 26.50.010    Definitions (Domestic Violence Prevention)

RCW 26.50.020    Commencement of action—Jurisdiction—Venue

RCW 26.50.025    Orders under this chapter and Chapter 26.09, 26.10, or 26.26—Enforcement—Consolidation

RCW 26.50.110    Violation of order—Penalties

RCW 26.50.115    Enforcement of ex parte order—Knowledge of order prerequisite to penalties—Reasonable efforts to serve copy of order

RCW 26.50.120    Violation of order—Prosecuting attorney or attorney for municipality may be requested to assist—Costs and attorney’s fee

RCW 26.50.140    Peace officers—Immunity

RCW 26.50.150    Domestic violence perpetrator programs

Sexual Misconduct

RCW 9.68.050    “Erotic material”—Definitions

RCW 9.68.060    “Erotic material”—Determination by court—Labeling—Penalties

RCW 9.68.070    Prosecution for violation of RCW 9.68.060—Defense

RCW 9.68.080    Unlawful acts

RCW 9.68.090    Exceptions to RCW 9.68.050 through RCW 9.68.120

RCW 9.68.130    Sexually explicit materials—Defined—Unlawful display

RCW 9.68A.001    Legislative finding (Sexual Exploitation of Children)

RCW 9.68A.011    Definitions (Sexual Exploitation of Children)

RCW 9.68A.080    Reporting of depictions of minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct—Civil immunity

RCW 9.68A.090    Communication with minor for immoral purposes—Penalties

RCW 9.68A.110    Certain defenses barred, permitted

RCW 9.68A.120    Seizure and forfeiture of property

RCW 9.68A.150    Allowing minor on premises of live erotic performance—Definitions—Penalty

RCW 9.69.100    Duty of witness of offense against child or any violent offense—Penalty

RCW 9A.44.010    Definitions

RCW 9A.44.020    Testimony—Evidence—Written motion—Admissibility

RCW 9A.44.030    Defenses to prosecution under this chapter

RCW 9A.44.096    Sexual misconduct with a minor in the second degree

RCW 9A.44.120    Admissibility of child’s statement—Conditions

RCW 9A.44.150    Testimony of child by closed-circuit television

RCW 9A.88.010    Indecent exposure

RCW 9A.88.030    Prostitution

RCW 9A.88.050    Prostitution—Sex of parties immaterial—No defense

RCW 9A.88.090    Permitting prostitution

RCW 9A.88.110    Patronizing a prostitute

RCW 9A.88.120    Additional fee assessments

RCW 9A.88.130    Additional requirements

RCW 9A.88.140    Vehicle impoundment

Firearms and Dangerous Weapons

RCW 9.41.010    Terms defined

RCW 9.41.050    Carrying firearms

RCW 9.41.060    Exceptions to restrictions on carrying firearms

RCW 9.41.098    Forfeiture of firearms—Disposition—Confiscation

RCW 9.41.185    Coyote getters

RCW 9.41.230    Aiming or discharging firearms, dangerous weapons

RCW 9.41.240    Possession of pistol by person from eighteen to twenty-one

RCW 9.41.250    Dangerous weapons—Penalty

RCW 9.41.260    Dangerous exhibitions

RCW 9.41.270    Weapons apparently capable of producing bodily harm—Unlawful carrying or handling—Penalty—Exceptions

RCW 9.41.280    Possessing dangerous weapons on school facilities—Penalty—Exceptions

RCW 9.41.300    Weapons prohibited in certain places—Local laws and ordinances—Exceptions—Penalty

RCW 9.41.800    Surrender of weapons or licenses—Prohibition on future possession or licensing

RCW 9.41.810    Penalty

RCW 77.15.460    Loaded firearm in vehicle—Unlawful use or possession—Penalty

Fire and Explosives

RCW 9.40.040    Operating engine or boiler without spark arrester

RCW 9.40.100    Tampering with fire alarm or fire fighting equipment—False alarm—Penalties

RCW 52.12.101    Burning permits

RCW 70.74.160    Unlawful access to explosives

RCW 70.74.295    Abandonment of explosives

RCW 70.74.310    Gas bombs, explosives, stink bombs, etc.

Crimes Against Government

RCW 7.21.040    Punitive sanctions—Fines (Contempt of Court)

RCW 9.69.100    Duty of witness of offense against child or any violent offense—Penalty

RCW 9A.44.130    Registration of sex offenders and kidnapping offenders—Procedures—Definition—Penalties

RCW 9A.60.045    Criminal impersonation in the second degree

RCW 9A.76.010    Definitions (Obstructing Governmental Operations)

RCW 9A.76.020    Obstruct a law enforcement officer

RCW 9A.76.030    Refusing to summon aid for a peace officer

RCW 9A.76.040    Resisting arrest

RCW 9A.76.050    Rendering criminal assistance—Definition of term

RCW 9A.76.060    Relative defined

RCW 9A.76.080    Rendering criminal assistance in the second degree

RCW 9A.76.090    Rendering criminal assistance in the third degree

RCW 9A.76.100    Compounding

RCW 9A.76.130    Escape in the third degree

RCW 9A.76.160    Introducing contraband in the third degree

RCW 9A.76.170    Bail jumping

RCW 9A.76.175    Making a false or misleading statement to a public servant

RCW 13.32A.080    Unlawful harboring of a minor—Penalty—Defense—Prosecution of adult for involving child in commission of offense

RCW 18.165.050    Private investigator agency license—Requirements, restrictions—Assignment or transfer

RCW 18.170.160    Licenses required—Use of public law enforcement insignia prohibited—Penalties—Enforcement

Drug and Alcohol Offenses

RCW 9.91.020    Operating railroad, steamboat, vehicle etc., while intoxicated

RCW 9.47A.010    Definition (Inhaling Toxic Fumes)

RCW 9.47A.030    Possession of certain substances prohibited, when

RCW 9.47A.040    Sale of certain substances prohibited, when

RCW 9.47A.050    Penalty

RCW 66.44.100    Opening or consuming liquor in public place—Penalty

RCW 66.44.210    Obtaining liquor for ineligible person

RCW 66.44.250    Drinking in public conveyance—Penalty against individual—Restricted application (Bus)

RCW 66.44.270    Furnishing liquor to minors—Possession, use—Penalties—Exhibition of effects—Exceptions

RCW 66.44.310    Minors frequenting off-limits area—Misrepresentation of age—Penalty—Classification of licensees

RCW 66.44.328    Preparation or acquisition and supply to persons under age twenty-one of facsimile of official identification card—Penalty

RCW 69.41.010    Definitions

RCW 69.41.030    Sale, delivery, or possession of legend drug without prescription or order prohibited—Exceptions—Penalty

RCW 69.41.050    Labeling requirements—Penalty

RCW 69.43.120    Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, phenylpropanolamine—Possession of more than fifteen grams—Penalty—Exceptions

RCW 69.50    Uniform Controlled Substances Act

RCW 70.155.080    Purchasing, possessing by persons under eighteen—Civil infraction—Jurisdiction

Offenses Against Community

RCW 9.66.010    Public nuisance

RCW 9.66.030    Maintaining or permitting nuisance

RCW 9.91.025    Unlawful bus conduct

RCW 9A.84.010    Riot

RCW 9A.84.020    Failure to disperse

RCW 9A.84.030    Disorderly conduct

Interference with a Health Care Facility

RCW 9A.50.005    Finding

RCW 9A.50.010    Definitions

RCW 9A.50.020    Interference with health care facility

RCW 9A.50.030    Penalty

RCW 9A.50.060    Informational picketing

RCW 9A.50.070    Protection of health care patients and providers

RCW 9A.50.900    Construction

Miscellaneous Crimes

RCW 9.45.080    Fraudulent removal of property

RCW 9.45.090    Knowingly receiving fraudulent conveyance

RCW 9.62.010    Malicious prosecution

RCW 9.62.020    Instituting suit in name of another

RCW 9.91.130    Disposal of trash in charity donation receptacle

RCW 9.91.150    Tree spiking

RCW 9A.36.160    Failing to summon assistance

RCW 9A.80.010    Official misconduct

RCW 26.44.080    Violation—Penalty (Fail to Report Abuse/Neglect to Child/Developmentally Dependent Adult by Medical/Education/Childcare Provider)

RCW 74.34.053    Failure to report—False reports—Penalties (Abuse of Frail Elder)

Abandoned Refrigerator Equipment

RCW 9.03.010    Abandoning, discarding refrigeration equipment

RCW 9.03.020    Permitting unused equipment to remain on premises

RCW 9.03.040    Keeping or storing equipment for sale


RCW 9.08.030    False certificate of registration of animals—False representation as to breed

RCW 9.08.065    Definitions (Animals, Crimes Relating To)

RCW 9.08.070    Pet animals—Taking, concealing, injuring, killing, etc.—Penalty

RCW 9.08.072    Transferring stolen pet animal to a research institution—Penalty

RCW 9.08.078    Illegal sale, receipt, or transfer of pet animals—Separate offenses

RCW 9A.84.090    False reporting

RCW 16.52.011    Definitions—Principles of liability

RCW 16.52.015    Enforcement—Law enforcement agencies and animal care and control agencies

RCW 16.52.190    Poisoning animals—Penalty

RCW 16.52.207    Animal cruelty in the second degree


RCW 9.12.010    Barratry

RCW 9.12.020    Buying, demanding, or promising reward by district judge or deputy

Bidding Offenses

RCW 9.18.080    Offender a competent witness

RCW 9.18.120    Suppression of competitive bidding

RCW 9.18.130    Collusion to prevent competitive bidding—Penalty

RCW 9.18.150    Agreements outside state

Interference with Court

RCW 9.27.015    Interference, obstruction of any court, building, or residence—Violations

RCW 9.51.010    Misconduct of officer drawing jury

RCW 9.51.020    Soliciting jury duty

RCW 9.51.030    Misconduct of officer in charge of jury

RCW 9A.72.010    Definitions (Perjury and Interference with Official Proceedings)

RCW 9A.72.040    False swearing

RCW 9A.72.050    Perjury and false swearing—Inconsistent statements—Degree of crime

RCW 9A.72.060    Perjury and false swearing—Retraction

RCW 9A.72.080    Statement of what one does not know to be true

RCW 9A.72.085    Unsworn statements, certification

RCW 9A.72.140    Jury tampering

RCW 9A.72.150    Tampering with physical evidence

False Representations

RCW 9.38.010    False representation concerning credit

RCW 9.38.020    False representation concerning title

(Ord. 1725-0308 § 1 (part), 2008)

9.02.020 Classification of offenses.

Unless otherwise specifically provided for, any person who is convicted of violating or failing to comply with any of the criminal provisions of this title shall be subject to the following penalties:

A.    Gross Misdemeanor. The penalty provided by state law, as now existing or hereafter amended, for the same violation or type (degree) of violation, but not to exceed a five-thousand-dollar fine or one year in jail, or both. If no state law provides for such penalty, then the penalty shall be a five-thousand-dollar fine or one year in jail, or both.

B.    Misdemeanor. The penalty provided by state law, as now existing or hereafter amended, for the same violation or type (degree) of violation, but not to exceed a one-thousand-dollar fine or ninety days in jail, or both. If no state law provides for such penalty, then the penalty shall be a one-thousand-dollar fine or ninety days in jail, or both.

C.    Any criminal violation not specifically designated as a gross misdemeanor shall be a misdemeanor. (Ord. 1725-0308 § 1 (part), 2008)

9.02.030 Statutory provisions—Amendments of changes included.

The amendment, addition or repeal by the Washington Legislature of any section of any of the adopted statutes shall be deemed to amend this chapter and the statutes contained in this chapter which are adopted by reference in conformity with the amendment, addition or repeal, and it shall not be necessary for the legislative authority of this city to take any action with respect to such addition, amendment or repeal as provided by RCW 35A.12.140. (Ord. 1725-0308 § 1 (part), 2008)