Chapter 11.04


11.04.010    Speed limits on specific streets.

11.04.020    Arterial streets.

*    For statutory provisions authorizing cities to regulate or prohibit fast driving, see RCW 35.23.440(18); for provisions on the power of local authorities to alter maximum speed limits, see RCW 46.61.415. For statutory provisions authorizing cities to designate arterials, see RCW 46.61.195.

11.04.010 Speed limits on specific streets.

A.    Speed on the following streets or portions thereof shall be limited to thirty miles per hour:

1.    Olympic Highway South from the south city limits to Delaware Street;

2.    Olympic Highway North from 8th Street to north city limits;

3.    Shelton Springs Road from North 13th to the west city limits, except in the school zone when reduced speed limits are in effect;

4.    North 13th Street from E Street to Johns Prairie Road;

5.    Northcliff Road;

6.    Brockdale Road from Johns Prairie Road to the north city limits;

7.    Wallace-Kneeland Boulevard from Highway 101 to Shelton Springs Road.

B.    Speed on the following streets or portions thereof shall be limited to thirty-five miles per hour:

1.    Pine Street from Front Street to the east city limits;

2.    Johns Prairie Road from North 13th Street to the north city limits;

3.    Wallace-Kneeland Boulevard from Shelton Springs Road to North 13th;

4.    Batstone Cut Off Road from Brockdale Road to Johns Prairie Road.

C.    Speed on all other streets in the city of Shelton shall be limited to twenty-five miles per hour, unless otherwise posted. (Ord. 1792-1011 § 2 (part), 2011)

11.04.020 Arterial streets.

A.    For the purpose provided in this title the following named streets or portions of streets in the city of Shelton are designated as primary arterials:

1.    Alder Street—1st Street to 8th Street;

2.    First Street—Mill Street to Alder Street;

3.    Olympic Highway North—8th Street to Wallace-Kneeland;

4.    Olympic Highway South—south city limits to Mill Street;

5.    Railroad Avenue—Front Street to west city limits;

6.    Pine Street—North 1st Street to east city limits;

7.    Wallace-Kneeland—Highway 101 to Shelton Spring Road;

8.    Front Street—Railroad to Pine.

B.    The following streets are designated as secondary arterials:

1.    Arcadia Avenue—Lake Boulevard to east city limits;

2.    Pioneer Way—Arcadia Avenue to Olympic Highway;

3.    Lake Boulevard—Arcadia Avenue to west city limits;

4.    North 13th Street—B Street to Wallace-Kneeland;

5.    Brockdale Road—Wallace-Kneeland to north city limits;

6.    C Street—North 13th Street to west city limits;

7.    Wallace-Kneeland—Shelton Springs Road to North 13th Street;

8.    Johns Prairie—North 13th Street to east city limits. (Ord. 1792-1011 § 2 (part), 2011)