Chapter 11.12


11.12.010    Impounds authorized.

*    For statutory provisions authorizing city ordinances for disposition of abandoned vehicles, see RCW 46.52.116.

11.12.010 Impounds authorized.

Any law enforcement officer in the city of Shelton shall have authority to order that a vehicle be impounded for violations of city ordinance, or provisions of state law incorporated herein, where such violation either: (A) results in a traffic citation or notice of infraction and where city ordinance, or provision of state law incorporated herein, authorizes such impound, or (B) when a vehicle has been tagged as unauthorized pursuant to RCW 46.55.010, or (C) where the vehicle constitutes a public nuisance and the procedures of RCW 46.55.240 have been followed. Written documentation authorizing such impound shall clearly disclose the city’s authority to impound. (Ord. 1792-1011 § 2 (part), 2011)