Chapter 12.04


12.04.010    Size and materials of sidewalks along paved streets.

12.04.020    Drainage grade for concrete sidewalks.

12.04.010 Size and materials of sidewalks along paved streets.

On the following named streets in the city of Shelton no sidewalks or crossing shall be hereafter constructed or reconstructed except that the same shall be constructed of concrete at least five feet in width, and the outer edge of said sidewalks shall be at least six feet from the property line: Upon all streets that have been paved, are in the process of being paved, or that may hereafter be paved. (Prior code § 12.12.010)

12.04.020 Drainage grade for concrete sidewalks.

All concrete sidewalks shall be so constructed that there shall be one-fourth inch per foot drainage from the inner edge of said sidewalk to the curbing. (Prior code § 12.12.020)