Chapter 12.36


12.36.010    Applicability.

12.36.020    FIC—Base fee.

12.36.030    Use of FIC funds.

12.36.010 Applicability.

Provisions of this chapter shall apply to new development and substantial remodel projects in the neighborhood residential (NR) zone. In accordance with the city’s public works design standards, applicable projects may pay the frontage improvement charge (FIC) in lieu of installing full frontage improvements. (Ord. 1870-0415 § 1 (part), 2015)

12.36.020 FIC—Base fee.

A.    A base fee of zero dollars per lineal foot of frontage is established for 2016, for the FIC.

B.    Effective January 1st of subsequent years, the FIC shall be adjusted based on the October to October change in the Construction Cost Index for the Seattle area as published by Engineering News-Record.

C.    The base fee will be applied to all eligible projects in conformance with Section 2.100 of the current “city of Shelton design and construction standards.” (Ord. 1884-2016 § 1, 2016: Ord. 1870-0415 § 1 (part), 2015)

12.36.030 Use of FIC funds.

A.    FIC, once collected, shall be placed in an appropriate deposit account within the capital improvement fund.

B.    FIC revenues shall be held and disbursed as follows:

1.    FIC revenues shall be used for costs incurred on capital projects for the design or construction of pedestrian and nonmotorized improvements, including capitalized repair and maintenance, when such improvements are part of a project identified in the annual six-year transportation improvement program.

2.    Priority for funds shall be given to projects that improve conditions on “critical pedestrian routes” as shown on the current “critical pedestrian route” map included in the “city of Shelton design and construction standards.”

3.    Public works shall prepare an annual report to the council on the FIC showing all sources and amounts of revenue collected and projects for which funds were expended. (Ord. 1921-0518 (part), 2018; Ord. 1870-0415 § 1 (part), 2015)