Chapter 21.36


21.36.010    Preparation by official or designee.

21.36.010 Preparation by official or designee.

A.    The draft and final EIS shall be prepared either by the responsible official or his designee, or by a private applicant or consultant retained by the private applicant. In the event the responsible official determines that the applicant will be required to prepare an EIS, the applicant shall be so notified immediately after completion of the threshold determination.

B.    In the event that an EIS is to be prepared by a private applicant or a consultant retained by the private applicant, the responsible official shall assure that the EIS is prepared in a responsible manner and with appropriate methodology. The responsible official shall direct the areas of research and examination to be undertaken, as well as the organization of the resulting document.

C.    In the event that the responsible official or his designee is preparing an EIS, the responsible official may require a private applicant to provide data and information which is not in the possession of the city relevant to any or all areas to be covered by the EIS.

D.    No matter who participates in the preparation of an EIS, it must be approved by the responsible official prior to distribution.

E.    In all occasions of EIS preparation the applicant is encouraged to provide information to the responsible official. (Ord. 953 § 9, 1978)