Chapter 21.56


21.56.010    Generally.

21.56.020    Environmental assessments.

21.56.030    Environmental impact statements.

21.56.040    Exception.

21.56.050    Mailing of registers and register updates.

21.56.060    Document copies.

21.56.010 Generally.

The fees set forth in this chapter shall be required for actions by the city in accordance with the provisions of this title. (Ord. 953 § 14 (part), 1978)

21.56.020 Environmental assessments.

For every environmental assessment to be performed by the city when the city is lead agency a fee shall be required of the proponent of the proposal. This fee shall be collected prior to undertaking the threshold determination, and the time periods provided by this title for making a threshold determination shall not begin to run until payment of the fee. (Ord. 953 § 14(1), 1978)

21.56.030 Environmental impact statements.

A.    For all proposals requiring an EIS for which the city is the lead agency and for which the responsible official determines that the EIS shall be prepared by employees of the city, the city may charge and collect a reasonable fee from any applicant to cover costs incurred by the city in the preparation of an EIS. If it is determined that an EIS is required, applicants shall be advised of projected costs of the statement prior to actual preparation and shall post bond or otherwise insure payment of such costs.

B.    The responsible official may determine that the city will contract directly with a consultant for preparation of environmental documents for activities initiated by some persons or entity other than the city and may bill such costs and expenses directly to the applicant. Such consultants shall be selected by the city after a call for bid and in consultation with the applicant. Applicants may be required to post bond or otherwise insure payment of such costs.

C.    In the event that a proposal is modified so that an EIS is no longer required, the responsible official shall refund any costs collected under subsections (A) and (B) of this section which were collected for costs not incurred. (Ord. 953 § 14(2), 1978)

21.56.040 Exception.

No fee shall be collected by the city for performing its duties as a consulted agency. (Ord. 953 § 14(3), 1978)

21.56.050 Mailing of registers and register updates.

The SEPA public information center of the city is authorized to charge periodic fees for the service of mailing registers and register updates. Such fees shall be reasonably related to the costs of reproduction and mailing of registers and updates. (Ord. 953 § 14(4), 1978)

21.56.060 Document copies.

The city may charge any person for copies of any document prepared pursuant to the requirements of this title, and for mailing thereof, in a manner provided by Chapter 42.56 RCW. (Ord. 1774-1110 § 12, 2010: Ord. 953 § 14 (5), 1978)